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2014-07-27  (5 weeks)
First finding out
Yesterday July 25th I found I was pregnant. I was a little shocked! A few weeks ago I had a psychic randomly come up to me and say when are you due? I looked at her like are you crazy? Then she said you are 2.5-3 weeks pregnant and you are having a girl. I was like this person is nuts. She proceeded to tell me more she said I am going to make it through nursing school no problem. How would she know that unless she knew me. At this point I was super curious on what else she could say. Then she told me that my husband was going to go to Iraq but wasn't going to be killed. At this point I was just like wow! Well a few days later I took a test and it was negative. I was disappointed a little. A week later I went to a clinic and got a test still negative but the psychic did say they would turn out negative for awhile. Thursday night July 24th I went to my dads and was super emotional for no reason. I explained to him that I had missed my period for 5 days. He said he was convinced that I was pregnant. So the next morning I took a pregnancy test it came back positive I was completely shocked. I told my husband and he was excited. I still didnt believe it. Later that night I started to have abdominal pain. So I went to the er. They were like you are definitely pregnant and I have a uti great right! I find myself being really bitchy and not really wanting to be around my husband I feel really bad but I cant help it. My emotions are all over the place and it is driving me nuts ha. I just wish this pregnancy goes by fast  

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