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2015-04-29  (36 weeks)
Week 36
Getting pretty close to the due date. Hearing lots of things from friends and family about the labor. But i think i am not so tensed yet just ready for what ever comes up. The hospital bag is ready,most of the shopping for the baby is done. My hubby just because of his recklessness have forgot my appointment yesterday. So had to reschedule it for tomorrow. This just drive'd me crazy and had some mental stress past two days.I don't know when the guys will become really responsible. My mom is with me from april 15th ... it helped me a lot so that i have sometime to relax after i go home from work. My dad is travelling to US today. So that he will be present for the shower party. My baby shower is planned for May 2nd hope everything goes well till that date and after that too :) The next few days may be will be busy with the shower arrangements planning not to take too much into my mind so that i am relaxed. Informed my manager that i will be WFH 2 days in 1st week of may and later WFH completely till the due date or till the baby arrives:) I still dont know how a real contraction feels like.Will be getting the Group-B strep test done tomorrow. There are many sleepless nights these days. Have to get up frequently to Poop/pee in the mid night around 3 PM and could not get back to sleep later. The sleeplessness is making me feel tired the next day. I had my ultrasound and baby is in vertex position at week 36, and he was weighing 6lbs just about an average.Doc expected if he is going full term he may be weighing 7-7.5 lb at the time of birth. We have taken all the classes Breastfeeding,caring for new born,postpartum,hospital tour. The child birth classes which we paid 85$ at GHC were not really worth paying for those classes. The Child birth class was not so useful. but got to know some massage techniques and pain medications. May be Meriter classes would have been better. I am planning not to take epidural until i could bear the pain. need to ask my OB about the alternative pain medications like analgesic or narcotics. Since planning a vaginal birth i may have to choose episiotmy procedure if needed. Lot more to buy for my baby and myself...kept constantly shopping :) Hope everything goes well till the baby comes out.  
2015-03-17  (29 weeks)
Week 30+ Third Trimester
Huff...finally made into the third trimester. This trimester started off for me with a cold and cough and its really taking longer to recover. My thyroid levels are in control after every month checkups.But they seem to go up gradually so probably i will have to change the dosage soon. In this trimester i feel so tired and cannot even do my daily exercise of 30 min walk continuously. The most bothering things are the pelvic pain and itching which still is not completely cured. it still pops out every month at some point of time. The pelvic pain seems to be increasing day by day. I feel my stomach too heavy for me to carry and also difficulty in taking the breath. The cold drived me crazy for almost 10 days. I had to take the allergy medicine for few days to bring the cold under control. Regarding the baby, he gives me lots of punches and kicks and summersaults. i could feel his hard pushes very much and also could observe his moves from outside of my tummy. This feeling is really great and cannot be put into words. But when i have lots of kicks and punches i am tired of his kicks. I think he seems to be more active at the night time especially when i go to bed. Thats when my pelvic pain increases too. Making it difficult for me to sleep. Thats all i remember till this week. Waiting for my 32 week ultrasound so that i can have a peek at the baby. More appointments coming up and also waiting for my MOM's arrival so that i can relax :)))  

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