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2005-10-13  (10 weeks)

I usually take my lunch to school but didn't want to today. I ate a good breakfast then on my break had a tangerine (which didn't agree with me).  After ceramics class a group of us met at the Cesar Chavez court, where there were Mexican Restaurants giving out free food, You know I was first in line.   They were my life saver today, I was soooo hungry around lunch time, and remember I hadn't taken my lunch to school today.  Also there are no ATM's on campus.   The food tasted great, and I have no idea why there was free food today. 

Here's where the ZZ's come in, during my second class, not even 10 minutes into it, I was anxious because I was sooo tired and I wanted to go to sleep.  On top of being tired, my group was the last group the teacher came to, to discuss our thesis statements and we ended up staying extra after class.  I couldn't wait to get out of there. Finally, I got home from school around 2:30, and flopped on the couch, I definitely didn't have the energy to go up the stairs.  I watched some cartoons because my nephew has some cartoons timed on DVR so I had no choice, and I ended up taking a nap for a while.  I woke up because I had pain in my hip, probably from laying wrong, and so I went upstairs and laid down correctly on my bed.  

I would have slept all afternoon if Katie my neighbor hadn't called me to talk, and good thing she did call me because I feel much better, and even went downstairs to get a snack.  Now I'm just waiting for Jun to get home so we can go to Santana Row,  He's been wanting to go there all week, to window shop, and just check it out.  I've never been there, so this will be interesting on what I see. 

Take care,


2005-10-12  (10 weeks)
Beating Heart

I just got home from school (ok a while ago but I just now had the energy to come upstairs to my room).  I was late for statistics, but that's normal, and today was my first day in the 10:30 am aerobics class.  I felt good working out, but I think I got my heart rate up too high, I could feel my head pulsing, and I know I'm not supposed to get my heart rate up to that point, so I slowed down a bit. 

 I have no motovation what so ever to clean my room, so I figure I'll take a nap and when I wake up I'll hopefully be more energized to do my homework.  I should make Jun clean it, but he's home from work today sick so maybe we'll just relax.  Jun also offered to help me get my homework done.  

Not much more going on.

Take care everyone 

2005-10-11  (9 weeks)
I spilled the beans

Well, eventually I would have to break the news to everyone, and I'm so glad I have gotten such a positive response, it really makes me feel loved.  Thanks everyone for the support, it's really appreciated. 

More news will come as the pregnancy progresses, I just feel I don't have much to say, since all I can say about my pregnancy so far is I am soooo tired.  However I am seeing a change in the way my clothes fit me.  All my clothes still fits, and probably better than before, since I had lost some weight and my clothes were baggy, and now my pants don't sag anymore, so that's definitely a plus =) 

I do have questions, such as prenatal vitamins, do I have to take two? or can I just take one?  I drink plenty of fluids with vitamin C and D (I LOVE MY MILK), so the only vitamin I'll really benefit from taking prenatal vitamins is Folic Acid.  I am just so tired of taking pills every day, and especially prenatal vitamins, which by the way are pretty large.  Does anyone have any recommendations of smaller prenatal vitamins? I'm taking OneSource complete Prenatal. 

Also does anyone have any advice on getting more energy besides exercise?  I already exercise at school.  I have an aerobics class twice a week at 7:30 am, but my instructor is letting me switch to a 10:30 am class, since it's getting more difficult to wake up early in the morning. 

well that's enough questions from me right now, I need to take a nap before driving an hour to go to my parents house for my brothers birthday dinner.

Take care,

Sylvia, Jun, and Baby

2005-10-11  (9 weeks)

Dear Family and Friends,

As most of you have figured out by receiving this link to my pregnancy blog, I am now 10 weeks pregnant.  I was reluctant to break the news, because I did not want to jinx anything.  Jun and I are both very very overwhelmed with excitement, and we just can't wait to meet our bundle of joy! 

As far as my health and any symptoms of pregnancy, I'm happy to say I have not felt any morning sickness (and hopefully never will).  Every now and then I feel a bit queezy but it passes within 5 mins at the most.  I do feel fatique, but I'm sure going to school full time and working on weekends has contributed to my tiredness.  I'm also keeping up with exercise, as I started exercising before I suspected even a slight hint of being pregnant, and I'll continue my weekly routine. 

I first suspected being pregnant after missing my monthly cycle in September.  I asked Jun to buy me a pregnancy test, but he didn't because once again he didn't want to jinx it.  Then I became more worried, because "IF" I wasn't pregnant then something must be very wrong.  The following day we went to trusty Rite Aid drug store and bought our home pregnancy tests.  As soon as we got home I got to it, and very quickly a positive result appeared.  The next day after that was a Friday and I called my family doctor first thing in the morning, and they insisted for me to go in on a same day appointment and take another test, and of course it was positive.  The Doctor asked me what I wanted the results to be, and I said, "I just want to know it's not in my head," he chuckled and said it's not in my head, what a relief =) My first prenatal appointment will be Oct 28th, with Dr Palitz.

I am happy to share my Surprise with everyone, and I am glad to share my thoughts, feelings, and news through my pregnancy blog.  Pray for us, as we are definitely new in parenthood, and pray everything goes well with our pregnancy.

Just in time, the perfect gift and blessing for our 1 year Anniversary!

With Love,

Sylvia and Jun


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