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2006-04-16  (36 weeks)
Update on my life

Well I decided to just write about anything today.  I've been eating a whole lot more, and swelling up a whole lot more.  Actually I really only started really swelling up this last week.  At work my legs feel like I have none. It feels so awkward it's almost irritating.  I didn't go to work on friday because I can't stand that feeling of my legs not being there.  I've been doing my best to stay off my feet but I have to get things done, and I can't depend on anyone else to do my duties for me.  My mom has been real understanding and is always telling me to put my feet up, which is kind of weird of my mom because usually she just makes me drink tea for everything. 

This morning I was laying in bed on my left side, and when I tried to sit up I got a major cramp in my upper inner thigh on my right leg.  I tried to stand up to stretch the muscle, but then I felt the cramp move up my outter right butt cheek.  So instead of yelling for my parents I called them on the phone, and my dad answered.  I asked him what he was doing and he said nothing and then I told him i can't move my leg.  My dad said ok don't worry he'll be there in a minute, so I sat there in bed waiting...waiting...and waiting.  I thought he was talking on the phone with Laura since he said her name, and then I heard him ask Angelica if she wanted to go to Laura's house with him.  Then I began to think that he forgot about me stuck in bed because I couldn't move my leg.  Finally I yelled for my dad and he FINALLY came to my room and I asked him where he was going.  He said he was going to Laura's house and I said why? I'm the one that called you right now on the phone, and he said OOOHh I thought it was Laura.  Then I got more emotional because of the pain, and because I felt like he had forgotten about me.  Then my mom came in my room and they helped me up and helped me stretch my leg out.  What a morning I felt so helpless.  My dad said he thought it was Laura, he can't tell our voices apart, but hardly anyone can so of course I'm not upset about that.

I had never gotten a cramp that far up my leg, and I never want that feeling ever again.  I was afraid that the pain was going to keep moving it's way up and my whole right side would cramp. 

So there is the most dramatic part of this pregnancy I've had, we'll see what happens when I go into labor.  I have an appointment this Wednesday, and I just realized I have a test in Psychology that day.  I hope my appointment doesn't run too long, I'll have to leave early so I can make it to take my test. 

Until then Take care.


ps. I bought my bedding this week, I'll take pictures and post them as soon as I have everything set up.

2006-04-11  (35 weeks)
Baby Showers

This weekend was very busy for me.  I was up late Friday night and up early Saturday writing and typing a paper that was due on Monday so I would have the rest of the weekend free for baby showers. 

On Saturday I drove with my parents to my inlaws house for a baby shower they were throwing me.  Thank goodness we arrived on time to the party, if you know my parents we're never on time for anything, not even to my wedding!   The food was really good, everything was home made by my inlaws.  Mmmm the lumpias were the best!  Then we cut the cake, and I actually ate cake.  I never really eat cake since it's always around the house, but that day I just wanted to eat some, so I did. We played a few games such as Baby Bingo, a nursery rhyme game, and the yarn around the belly.  Our Aunt Linda from Daly City guessed the exact length of yard around my belly!  After the games, then it was time to open the presents.  Baby Marcus made out good on Saturday and Sunday, he received so many nice and useful gifts, and Jun received a Diaper Genie    We were also gifted a car seat and a travel system which is a definite necessity. 

I was pretty exhausted by 7 pm, so I went upstairs to take a load off, and watched tv.  We still had company over, but if anyone knows Jun's family they party till the break of dawn.  I think the last people to leave, left around 3 am.  I was way gone in lala land by that time. 

Sunday was another Baby Shower thrown by my Mom and Sisters.  It was at my sister Laura's house.  Originally the party was supposed to be at a park, but the weather was not going to let that happen, but everything worked out just fine.  We ate, and played a few games.  Gifts were given away for the diaper gift game, and then we opened MORE presents.  This little booger is going to be spoiled by everyone, jk. Everything that was gifted was a necessity.  I felt the gifts were never ending, needless to say my room is packed with plenty of stuff to get us ready for this baby.  Thanks to everyone who gave us such generous gifts, they are really appreciated.  I'll post some pictures of the sunday baby shower, I don't have pictures from Saturday yet.

This weekend we plan on setting up the crib and finally getting everything organized, so I'll take a picture of that when we have it finished. 

Thanks again,

Sylvia Jun and Marcus

2006-04-05  (35 weeks)
Body changes

I've begun to really look pregnant to myself more than ever.  I don't mind it at all but I really didn't think it would happen.  I actually have that dark line that starts at your belly button and goes down.  It's actually kind of light and unnoticeable, but then again I'm a whitey, but I was able to see a faint line.  My belly has rounded out more. I'll try to email myself a picture from my camera phone and post it so everyone can see. 

That's about all my body has changed aside from occassional swelling.  I've just felt more and more tired every day.  I feel guilty not going to work, but then again I would rather feel guilty than feeling exhausted at work.  I just got home from school so I'm going to start some homework.


2006-04-05  (35 weeks)
Drug of Choice

Well today was my 35 week appointment, and everything went well.  I learned that I can lay on either side of my body, just as long as I don't lay flat on my back.  I am so glad to hear this because it has been challenging sleeping on my left side, AND I have to completely wake up to change my position to reclined, this really cuts into my sleeping time.  Dr Paltiz also did an exam for strept something I can't remember, but I'll get the results next appointment at 37 weeks.  Jun was also prooved wrong about not walking and getting swollen.  Dr Paltiz told me to rest as much as I can to get the swelling to go down.  I've begun swelling more often, sometimes I can't wear my wedding rings, which feels very awkward.

ALSO, I learned I could go on maternity leave next week if I wanted to, but I decided I'd wait until after my next appointment.  I feel guilty if I were go to on maternity leave too early, but then again I really don't want to keep on driving to work at 6 am every single morning, I need a break. 

I've gained a total of 18lbs, 6 of those lbs were gained since my last appointment which was 2 weeks ago!  Which brings me to the title of my journal entry for today.  My drug of choice is AMPM, yeah you read that right.  I love going to gas stations preferrably AMPM because they have a choice of crushed ice for fountain drinks.  Thanks to my manager, I have discovered the wonders of crushed ice.  I don't know why but all I want to do is eat cold cold ice, crushed ice, I love biting the ice, I can't help it.  At other gas stations I buy juice popcicles like a Life Saver one, it has all the flavors its soooo yummy.  I've also started eating more, my appetite has doubled, sometimes tripled since February I think.  I make trips to Home Depot when I visit my husbands work just go eat a pretzle with cheese (theres a snack stand outside the Home Depot doors).  I also can't go one day without having a glass of milk.  I make Jun take me to a gas station or 7 eleven just to buy those one serving size milks so I can drink it in the car and eat a cookie.  I loves me milk. 

Well thats about all the news I have. This weekend I'm having two Baby showers in a row, so I'll definitely be posting another journal soon, that's if it doesn't rain  Well I gotta go, we're hungry and I'll probably drink a glass of milk.

Take care all.


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