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2006-04-26  (38 weeks)
Stork Tour and Other updates

Last night Jun and I went on a Stork Tour of the birthing center at Memorial Hospital.  First we attended the orientation in a conference room across the street.  The orientation was very informative, I had so many questions to ask, but the orientation was very thorough that I didn't have to ask any question.  My main concern was what to do when I go into labor, do I just show up at the hospital? or do I call?  Well I can do either or, But I think I'll probably call to let them know I am on my way since I already preregistered.  My other concern was what enterance would I enter?  Would I enter through the emergency room, or use the Birthing Center Main entrance?  The answer is I am to use the Birthing center main entrance, which I think is kind of weird, because that entrance is for everyone like visitors and nurses etc, and it's in the post pardum section of the birthing center.  Also because my strept test came back positive as I mentioned in an earlier journal, I would need to stay at the hospital the 2 stay if I have a vaginal birth, and 4 days if I have a cesarean.  I really hope I have a vaginal, because 4 days in the hospital is not going to cut it for me, I can tell you already that I would want to go home after the 2nd day anyways. 

After the tour, Jun and I went to have a late dinner, we were both starving.  During dinner we discussed who we wanted in the delivery room, and whether or not we would inform his famly immediately when I go into labor.  I'm concerned with the distance his family has to drive, and I wouldn't want their nerves shooken up while driving to see me in the hospital.  I'm also worried about informing my dad when I go into labor, if its late night, I feel I'll cause a heart attack.  And if worse comes to worse in the delivery room, Jun will be the only one in there.  The nurse that took our group on the Stork Tour advised the dads to eat or they might faint, so Jun wants me to remind him to eat, I know he gets really nervous so I want him to pack a lunch or something if we have time before we go to the hospital. 

Last weekend while I was at my inlaws house I went shopping with Mae (sisterinlaw) and Tess (motherinlaw) to Babies R Us.  I bought a tall thin dresser that had drawers and shelves together.  dresser to my house last night.  This is going to come in handy since there is limited space.  I have an area to put Marcus' bathing supplies etc, and also have space for his clothing.  Jun brought the dresser to me last night, and today we plan on finishing up organzing the baby stuff. 

Time is ticking and I have two more weeks to go (if he arrives on time).  I have another appointment tomorrow, and I'll probably write in my journal again if anything new develops.  If not then assume everything is still going as planned. 

'Till then take care

Sylvia Marcus and Jun

2006-04-21  (37 weeks)
I thought wrong

Well my pregnancy has gone very well.  I really have been blessed to have such an easy going pregnancy.  I did not have any vomiting morning sickness like most people experience.  Well except for one week I was very sick, but if it only lasted one week it must have been a bug or maybe that was all the sickness I was going to experience.  Well I'm not sure what happened last night.  I was very sick all of a sudden. I had gone out to eat at Chillis restaurant with one of my friends, and then I visited my friend Christina.  I was feeling pretty good.  Then about 3 o'clock am I woke up with a stomachache, and then I could not fall back asleep.  I felt very intense heart burn or acid reflux, and my arms and legs felt restless.  I decided to go to the living room at about  4 am-ish to watch some tv and hope to fall asleep doing so...but I still had an upset stomach.  I went to the bathroom feeling like I was going to vomit, and nothing.  So... I thought maybe if I brush my teeth it'll make all that bad in my stomach come up, sure enough it worked.  But things got pretty messy, and EVERYTHING came up.  After I finished cleaning up I rebrushed my teeth one final time, and then went back to the living room to watch some tv.  At about that time it was 5 am, and so I called in sick to work because I hadn't turned in my doctors note to go on disability.  I felt so much better and had a glass of milk and some cookies because I was feeling very hungry, after all my stomach was now empty.  Then my dad woke up to get ready for work, and then I finally fell asleep on the couch. 

About 8 am I transferred to my bed to finish up on some sleep, my body wasn't liking the couch too much.  I had a headache from that nights episode, so I fell back asleep right away.  I woke back up about 11 am, and then ate breakfast, and cleaned house.  Then I felt one thing that was definitely wrong, I wasn't able to sit down.  My tail bone is bruised or something because I cannot sit up straight, I either have to lean forward which is uncomfortable, or lean on a side, or recline.  I have been very uncomfortable all day, and I don't know what caused this.  I didn't fall or sit on anything hard, the pain actually started after i was done vomiting, who knows what could have caused this, but it is very very tender. 

So I guess these last weeks of being pregnant aren't going as smooth as I thought they would.  I guess I had to experience some type of discomfort, after all there's no such thing as a perfect pregnancy right? 

Today after I was done cleaning and doing laundry, my mom and I went to lunch and then we went to my work so I could turn in my disability papers, and after that proceeded to go shopping.  My mom bought me a box of 48, sugar fee, 15 calorie popcicles. SCORE! and then I spent the rest of the day at my sisters house, and that was plenty fun with the kids.  

2006-04-20  (37 weeks)
Grupe Strept

Well today I had my 37 week appointment.  I had my appt at 3:45, and I showed up extra early so I could get in right away.  I waited for 30 minutes before they called me in which kind of stressed me out because I had to get to school by 5 o'clock to take my last test before finals week.  Of course because I was stressed about the time crunching, when they took my blood pressure it was up a little bit, and so I let them know that it's up because I was stressed out.  Then I told them that I had a test at 5 I had to get to, and so the OBGYN Carole came in and did my stuff right away.  I learned that my Grupe Strept culture came back positive, and I would have to take antibiotics when I go into labor.  I asked her what could cause the grupe, but I guess it just happens and 1 in 5 pregnant women get it.  Also if I don't have antibiotics when I go into labor, it could be harmful to the baby. Everything will be fine though.  I also had a pelvic exam, and everything is still in tact.  Carole said my tissue is getting soft, but the baby's head is still up high, also my cervix is still closed.  It looks like I can travel for a little bit longer. 

Also effective today I have started my maternity leave.  I feel so relieved, more so today than yesterday.  Today was my last day of school, I don't have to take the final since I did well on all my previous tests, so I'm now officially done with school this semester.  Tomorrow Jun will pick me up and take me home with him, and we will return on Sunday in time for my neice/goddaughter Naomis' birthday party.  Now all I have left to do is call in sick to work tomorrow and also go to my work to turn in my disability note, so I can really begin my disability. 

I have another appointment next week, bright and early in the morning =) We'll see what happens then.

Take care

2006-04-17  (36 weeks)
A sense of relief

Today was another day.  I didn't make it to work this morning.  I had so many thoughts racing through my mind last night that I wasn't able to get a good nights sleep, so I called in sick to work.  After I called in sick, I was able to sleep a solid 4 hours.  When I woke up this morning I still felt somewhat exhausted, and had a slow morning.  I decided to call the doctor and let them know that I will not be able to last another week at work.  I've decided to cut my time at work short, and begin maternity leave ASAP. 

With that worked out, I then was able to pay attention to a presentation I had to give in psychology class today.  The sense of relief came when my group was done with the presentation, and now I only have one more day of school left.  On wednesday I will be taking my last exam in class, with the option of taking the final next week.  I probably won't take the final since I've scored very well on all my other tests, the optional final is if you had a bad test score or missed an assignment. 

I can't wait till wednesday is here and gone.  I have an appointment, and it will be my last day at work and school. Jun will be picking me up so I can go to his parents house for a few days and help him get his stuff together to move to my parents house.  I hope everything works out, time is ticking and soon the baby will be here.


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