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2006-05-15  (40 weeks)
Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day to everyone! 

Today was a very eventful day, both good and bad.  It first started out with a family emergency, my grandma was rushed to the hospital, and I went along with her to keep her company.  Rest assured, not even that emergency caused me to go into labor.  Usually a scare like that would send a pregnant woman to the hospital, but I didn't have one hint of contraction pains.

My grandma soon stabilized, and my aunt and mom showed up at the ER shortly after we arrived in the ambulance.  My dad then picked me up from the hospital, and we came home to a house full of family from out of town.  We were supposed to have our Mother's Day party at a park, but due to the situation we stayed at my parents house.  It was a very hot day, there was no way we could cool it down, the AC was running over time trying to reach the temperature it was set at, it never did.  Each family took turns visiting my grandma at the hospital after they moved her to a room, this way people were able to eat a good meal, and see my grandma without over crowding the hospital room. 

Aside from the chaotic morning, in the end the day turned out really good.  My grandma is now doing much better, and I was able to visit wtih all my aunts and cousins from my moms side.  Maybe tonight I'll go into labor?  we'll see.

Take care

2006-05-12  (40 weeks)
OVERDUE and 40 week appt

Well my due date was MAY 10th (mexican mothers day) It would have been great if these due dates were you can tell I haven't given birth.  I guess I still have one more mothers day to go, that would definitely make my mothers day more special. 

At least I can say my 40 week appt went just how I wanted yesterday.  The baby measured to be 7lbs 11oz, which makes having a c-section less of an option.  We also learned Marcus has dropped down, however the cervix isn't cooperating with this natural birthing process.  So...I have to go back in a week, IF I don't go into labor before then, which is a high possibility now that he's dropped down.  If I don't go into labor by my next appt, Dr Palitz said, we'll definitely have to make a move then.  The Dr also gave me a sense of what a very mild contraction feels like, so now I'll definitely know when I'm having one.   

I guess I'll wait it out a little bit longer, it's just hard with this 90+ weather we're having, and my parents aren't turning on the air conditioner because my 92 year old grandma is visiting, and we dont want her getting sick...thats ok with me...after 20 years without an air conditioner in this same house, I should get used to it, or hang out in my car.   

My plans today are to visit my old job, it's movie and ice cream day! I was going to take a walk to the post office down the street, but my mom mailed my letter for me already Thanks MOM =) saved me a trip.  Jun is on a job in Modesto, and he wants to pick me up so I can hang out with him on the job site, no thanks, I'm too tired to travel that far.  I do have to run to Babies R Us, but that'll probably have to wait until tomorrow, and I want to get a pedicure ASAP! we'll see what I'll end up doing.  I'm just not motovated to move very fast, just take a shower and clean my room.  Take care everyone thanks for your comments and concerns <3 Sylvia

2006-05-06  (39 weeks)
39 week appt

I woke up early thursday morning to get ready to go to my 39 week appt.  My tummy was hurting, and I was hoping the doctor would send me to the hospital to deliver during my appt.  Wishfull thinking.  Our appt was at 9:30, and it was pretty routine.  My weight was recorded, I lost a pound, and I learned I no longer had to bring urine samples to my appointments, thank goodness.  Next we moved into the examination room to prep for the doctor to check things out.  First Dr Palitz did an ultra sound, he said the baby weighs 8 lbs, which sound way off since last week he told me the baby weighed 6lbs.  My cervix was barely dialated maybe at 1 cm, however I have another appointment this thursday coming up, and if Dr Paltiz measure the baby to be about 9 lbs he'll send me to the radiologist to get a more accurate reading, and if they determine the baby is that big, then we'll have to schedule a c-section.  I really don't want to have a c-section, so I asked if there were any alternatives such as inducing if I was dialated more by our next appointment.  However, we'll have to wait till then to really make a decision.  I asked for advice on how to speed up the process, the answer was jump on a trampoline, I dont think so!

I'm kind of really bumbed out finding out that if the baby is too big I'll have to have a c-section, I really wanted to go through the excitement of going into labor on my own, and all that crazy stuff.  Yesterday, I think I had a few random contractions, they sure felt weird and did hurt, however today I only felt one this morning and haven't felt anything since, so we'll see if I'll still get my wish. 

Today was a tiring day.  I wanted to be very active and get this kid moving on out, so I decided to really clean my room.  Laura did most, if not all, of the work though.  She was a big help, and a good organizer, I'm really glad she came over and helped, because I'm horrible at organizing.  I still have more to do to get my room in order.  I'm getting rid of a lot of winter clothes that I didn't even wear this past winter, so I know I'll never use them anyways.  Even though Laura did most of the work I felt exhausted and ended up taking a long nap, Laura did too with Naomi, I didn't even get to see them leave.  I was very busy this morning I forgot to eat lunch, and ended up eating a hot pocket around 4pm right before my nap. 

I'm just tired, I want to have this kid already!

2006-04-29  (38 weeks)
38 week appt

We went to our appointment this last week and still no new developments.  The babys head is still up high, and cervix is doing nothing.  However while we were in the waiting room, we were sitting next to an expecting couple who already had a cute little daughter. That couple was called in before us, and then we were called in.  While we were waiting in our room we could hear the doctor talking to people outside the door, and when he came in to our room he told us that he saw a girl that was as far along as I was last week and now he had just sent her to the hospital because she was dialated to 3.  He said that could possibly happen to me, like anyone else at any time so close to the end of our pregnancy.  It turns out when we were leaving the office after our appointment, my mom said the couple that was sitting next to us left and her mom was calling people freaking out because they were on their way to the hospital ready to deliver the baby.  Lucky girl! 

I know before I had promised to post some pictures of the baby's face, and of my stomach as soon as I got some pictures, however I don't have a digital camera, and I don't know how to email pictures to myself from my camera phone.  Sorry for the disappointment.  As for the baby ultra sound pictures, we haven't been able to get an ultra sound of the face because he's been facing my back since our appointment in March.  I don't understand why he's been positioned and ready to come out, but still hasn't dropped or given me any kind of clue, he's just comfortable upside down I guess.  It seems like he's a little too comfortable because mommy is very uncomfortable.  Its been a little difficult to breathe at night, and I get very hot and flushed during the day.  I feel sorry for anyone that has to suffer in the heat and being pregnant.  I can't even handle being pregnant in this beautiful spring weather we're having. 

Well It's time for a snack and time for a nap


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