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2005-10-21  (11 weeks)
I'm back

I had to leave from the math lab earlier because nursing students were walking in the door and they were going to take an on line exam.  The room filled up quickly and their teacher ordered them to sit in the section I was in, so i was getting pushed out. 

I came home and relaxed, I was actually home alone.  I could get used to that.  It felt so good having the house to myself in peace and quiet, but I knew that wouldn't last very long so I went upstairs and took a nap.  Now I'm awake and I'm done doing laundry.  I have to get ready to go home to my parents house, I know they expect me to be home every Friday early in the evening.  They don't like it when I drive at night. 

Take Care

2005-10-21  (11 weeks)
Swamped with school
Well lately I haven't been writing in my journal because I had a speech due yesterday, which I thought was due next week.  Soooo I had to jump on that, but now I'm done, and today I went to Stats (late as usual) and while the teacher was reviewing for our test on Monday this guy who sits by me came up with a billiant plan.  He suggested for us to take the Test on Wednesday because he wanted to get 100%!! of course the whole class laughed, and then more guys were agreeing and of course us girls were just silently hoping she would, in the end he persuaded Ms G. to postpone the test!  I am so happy, now I don't have to cram over the weekend.  I'm here in the math lab and just finished up my lab work, now I have to go.  
2005-10-18  (10 weeks)

Last night was our date night.  We went to Sizzler for our anniversary dinner, and the food was good! After dinner instead of going to a movie, we rented movies, and went home.  When we got home we made popcorn and began watching the movie. 

Now here's the yummy party, Katie you might want to pay attention to this.  When I laid down I felt something trickle into my throat, and realized I had a bloody nose.  As some of you may know I always have gotten random bloody noses, but this one was just a little different.  When I got up to go to the bathroom to clean my nose, I returned my entire dinner, which is weird because I did not feel sick at all.  The most weird part was the pressure I felt in my head while I was vomitting.  I felt like my ears were going to burst out of my head. and my throat felt like it was going to come out all together.  My forehead and top of my head felt numb, I'm starting to think maybe I had food poisoning or something becuase I've never experienced that much pressure. 

After I was done I was fine and cleaned myself up changed my shirt and brushed my teeth, then continued to watch the movie.  Later that night I took a short nap and then I woke up and wasn't able to go back to sleep for a while, needless to say I had a slow morning today after last night, but I am feeling ok.

Take care


sorry if it's too revealing

2005-10-16  (10 weeks)
One Year Anniversary

It's our one  year anniversary, and what is a better gift than concieving.  My life is normal as usual.  I'm still feeling tired, and a little more stressed since some work policies are changing and so are our schedules.  I hope I get a schedule that fits my school schedule.  

Jun and I didn't spend our anniversary together today because we both had to work, but we both have the day off tomorrow so we have dinner planned or something small just as long as we can spend quality time together.  This year has gone by so fast, and I can't believe I've lived out here in the Bay Area for a whole year,  good thing I'm moving back to my small town. 

I have a test on tuesday to study for, take care everyone



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