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2005-11-07  (13 weeks)
It's been a while.

I know it's been a while since I've written in my journal, but last week was not a good week for me.   Most of the week I spent it sick in bed.  I must have had some virus, it felt like I was experiencing my first official morning sickness.  On wednesday night everything started clearing up.  I was able to eat more often with out making a return.  Since that night I've felt so much better and I hope I don't feel like that again.  I have not had any more morning sickness type of symptoms. 

Friday morning I went to the lab so they can draw blood and take a urine sample, and then went to work.  This weekend went well also, work went by very fast.  That is pretty much all I have to say for today but I will do my best to keep up with my journal.

take care.

2005-10-28  (12 weeks)
First look

I went to my prenatal appointment today, and it went well.  I had an appointment today with Michelle, not Dr Palitz this time, but she did an exam and took cultures.  After that we did the sonogram and that little noodle was swimming around like crazy, it was the funniest thing, I saw it's little hands and heart beat.  When Jun came in the room I was already done, he had stepped out to go to the car and when he came back we were finished, but Michelle was nice enough to do it again, and the second time Jun was able to see the baby, it was doing flips.

I'm so happy everything went well, although Michelle said she saw a hemotoma, but that it would clear up, other than that the baby looked good.  I am also 12 weeks and two days pregnant for sure now. I was confused on how far along I actually was, but now I know for sure.  I'll go back in a week to do lab work and my next appointment will be Dec 2nd. 

ps. I'll to post sonogram pictures in my photo album. 
Take care

2005-10-27  (12 weeks)
Dr Appt
Well I have a doctor appointment tomorrow and hopefully I'll have a picture to post.   
2005-10-26  (12 weeks)
Food :p

Alright someone help me out here!  I'm confused whether to eat or not.  When I get hungry I'm hungry, and I think about what I'm going to eat, and then I loose my appetite.  Some days I eat only three small snacks throughout the day and feel satisfied, and I know that's not enough.  I'll plan on eating a snack and then completely loose my appetite again!

Then there are times when I'm hungry I eat, and I take the opportunity because I know that on other days I hardly eat enough.  When I eat I get full too fast, or I eat too much and then I feel queasy and I just want to lay down before something comes up.  I usually don't throw up, but I hate the feeling that I'm going to. 

Well I just found out I've been experiencing morning sickness.  It wasn't at all what I expected it to be.  I thought morning sickness was like having the flu, but apparently food averasion and sensitivity to ordors are also considered "morning sickness" I've definitely experienced both of these.  I loose my appetite often, and am totally disgusted by the thought of eating food.   Also I can smell anything stronger! and thats not cool.  I can't stand the smell of onions or garlic, not to mention the taste.  Yesterday I only ate two meals, and so today after aerobics I treated myself to a quarter pounder (I know that's bad) but I was hungry and I wanted to give onions another chance since before I was prego I loved onions.   Well onions are now strictly out of my diet, it didn't go as well as I expected, I did not enjoy my food at all and now I feel queasy from eating all that food.  I kind of like that I get full too fast, because It's teaching me how to eat smaller meals, and now I'm able to determine if and when I do eat, I know how much I will be able to handle before I stick it in my mouth. 

I realized peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches are my favorite, and I am able to stomach them, also it is a good size snack for me, and I dont get full too quickly







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