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Baby has arrived!

2005-11-22  (15 weeks)
All I keep Thinking about...
Today school my friend Genae (who is so freaking funny) told me about her home made mac and cheese recipe and that's all I've been able to think about.  I THINK I want to make some for Thanksgiving.  It sounds sooooo good I really can't stop thinking about it.  I think about the texture, what types of cheeses to use, biting into it, I can't stop!!!!  
2005-11-21  (15 weeks)
Just a quickie

So we watched the movie Miracle of Life and as I predicted his reaction was priceless.  He was very shocked and grossed out by that last scene, and now I feel bad because he's afraid he's gonna faint if he watches our baby be born.  Maybe I'll just have him stay by my head, I was kind of hoping he would be handed the baby or something, but I definitely want him to be there for everything. 

I think I felt the baby last night, I'm not sure but I felt a weird sudden movement on the right side of my lower belly.  I also think I need new pants, my pants fit me still button fine without being tight, but when I sit down they feel snug and I feel like im squishing the baby.  I haven't gained weight though, maybe because I do aerobics regularly I'm loosing what I'm gaining or loosing more than I'm gaining, I dont know it's weird. 

I can't wait for Thanksgiving although we're not doing what I wanted to do, I just wanna eat good turkey and some green beans caserole. I LOVE GREEN BEANS!

2005-11-17  (15 weeks)
MIralce of Life

Well I bought Miracle of Life off and it arrived last monday.  I can't wait to see it, but i have been so busy with school this week tonight is the first night I'll have free, and we're gonna watch it,  I can't wait to see the expression on Jun's face when we watch the movie, it'll be classic!

So everything else has been going great, and I'm really looking forward to next week, TURKEY DAY! mmmm good food, I can't wait for that green bean caserole yum my favorite!!!

Then the next week after we have an appointment with the DR and I'm hoping to learn the sex of the baby.  I also registered some necessities at Babies R Us, you can go on to check out my online registry.  So when I find out the sex of the baby I'll be able to register for clothing like onesies and blankets and such.   

Take care till next time!

mommy daddy and baby

2005-11-08  (13 weeks)
Men are Sooooo NAIVE!! =)

This is kind of mean, but I just have to say it.  Last night while Jun and I were sitting in my car conversing, he was "instructing" me when I go into labor not to be weak.  He wants me to be strong, because it'll be just like going poopies.  and I said NO. I told him you try squeezing a baseball out of your man part and see what it feels like, and he said No come on...and he continue to try to convince me it's just like going number 2.

OMG when he said that I said, if Rosa Laura Socorro OR Rosie heard you say that, I can't even begin to imagine what they would say.  So I told on him LOL, I told his mom what he said and she just gave him this look like "You gotta be kidding me" 

For my solution, I'm looking into finding that video Miracle of Life so he can watch it and really see what goes on during a pregnancy.  So if any of you have the resource please let me know, I think the San Joaquin library has it, I'll look into it. 


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