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Baby has arrived!

2006-02-08  (27 weeks)
It's Official

We're having a baby boy.  I'm so happy we finally found out, and in my heart and mind I kept planning for a boy.  It's easy to plan for a girl I think, well because I am a girl, but boys are harder to prepare for.  I've always looked into boy clothes, blankets, and bedding etc because there are hardly any items that attract me, but I've found some cute boy items.  Girl items I see all over they place and they are all cute, so I'm glad I've put more thought into boy items before finding out the sex. 

Everything went well at the doctors appointment today.  I've gained a total of 6lbs and the baby now weighs 2lbs and I think like an ounce.  My doctor was really proud of me for controling weight gain, he told me "whatever you're doing keep doing it" but to be honest I haven't changed any eating habits since I've been pregnant.  The only thing that has changed is that I don't really like eating meat.  However, I've began forcing myself to eat a little more meat since I've found out I'm a little anemic, and I think I've gained the most weight since then till now, but that's ok.  Dr Palitz also thought I stopped taking my glucophage pills because my blood work came back normal for blood sugar, I had to confess that I wasn't taking them regularly, but he said that he wasn't going to beat me up about it because my blood sugar did come back in a normal range, but he told me to make sure to take my iron pills every day since I confessed I wasn't taking those regularly also. 

I can't wait for little jun to play with little ian! So everything is good and great, It's time for bed now


2006-02-03  (26 weeks)
Congratulations and Goodluck

I'm going to dedicate this journal to my friend Katie because she just had her baby today, and I'm so excited.  Her mom wrote in her journal letting us know the baby's stats.  Looks like a healthy baby girl. 

The weird thing is I must have been thinking about her having her baby all day yesterday, that I had a dream about it last night.  The weird part was that I also went into labor, and had a c-section too. 

I can't wait for Katie to get around to posting some pictures since she's all the way in Florida, and the rest of us are in California.  Well congratulations Katie I'm very excited for you guys, and goodluck!

2006-01-28  (25 weeks)
Wic Appt

I went to my first WIC appointment today, and everything went well.  I met with a counselor, and we reviewed the information I brought such as a list of what I ate yesterday, and some doctor information.  She weighed me and I've gained a pound since my last prenatal appointment.  The only concern the counselor is having is the fact that I have not gained the expected amount of weight at this point in my pregnancy which is 6-10 lbs.  So my next appointment at WIC will be with a nutritionist.  The counselor said it looks like I eat pretty healthy, but we went over some issues I was having such as my Iron deficientcy, and the fact that I don't like eating meats lately.  She said I need to eat more meats and more vegetables, which is understandable of course and I've also felt I need to eat more vegetables. 

After my WIC appointment I went to file for Medi Cal.  I have insurance through my employer, but I have a PPO that only covers 90% and that 10% was killing my check book because I had been working strictly weekends only, because I live an hour away and I was going to school.  Now that I've moved back to my parents house I began working full time this week and have weekends off and it feels GREAT!  At the Medi Cal office, I said I was filing for emergency Medi Cal because I was pregnant, because that's what my counselor said to file for.  Well I learned you only file for emergency Medi Cal if you want to terminate your pregnancy, which is definitely not something I want to do, but I did file for regular Medi Cal for pregnant women. 

My poor sister Laura drove me around all day, with Naomi, and my mom came too.  After we went to WIC and Medi Cal, we went to my tax lady's office so I can get her number because I lost it and I wanted to make an appointment to have our taxes done.  After that we finally ate some food, and then we went shopping at ONE of the Stockton Malls, again for something I needed, but thanks Laura Mom and Naomi for having patience with me all day driving me around.  I had fun though because Naomi was in a good mood and played with me a lot, and It felt good being out of the house running errands instead of just sitting at home and getting tired from that.  I would rather be tired from something physical. 

I think this is a record for me, I've written in my journal two days in a row.  BUT I probably won't write in it again until next week the day before my appointment or the day of my appointment.  I hope to find out the sex of the baby. 

Take care love ya.

2006-01-27  (25 weeks)
Lab results back

I got  a phone call from the doctors office yesterday, but my mom is not so great at taking messages so I was really concerned what the call was about.  I called the office and no one knew who had called me so I left it at that.  Well today after I got off work I had a voice mail and it was a nurse or someone like that calling me to let me know the results of my glucose test.  Well my glucose test came back normal, yay, at 109.  I thought that was abnormal since 109 is high for fasting, but the nurse said the normal for gestation is 79 to 139, well I'm glad my glucose level was not 139.  So I was happy with 109.  I also found out from the results that I'm anemic, so I'll have to take iron pills.  I'm not looking forward to taking more pills, that'll be the 5th one in one day I have to take every single day. 

On a lighter note I woke up this morning at 5:30 am to get ready for work, and I felt the baby had hiccups.  It was weird but some how I knew they were hiccups, the movement was different from normal kicking where you feel it in different spots.  What I felt was in one spot of my stomach and kind of like jerking in my stomach, and they were almost spaced out and quick.  That was exciting so I knew I would have to write in my journal today.  



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