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2006-02-28  (29 weeks)
My last week events

Two weekends ago I rearranged my bedroom and spring cleaned,  This included moving furniture which was a mistake and I paid for it.  Last saturday was Almond Blossom in Ripon.  The day was really nice and sunny, I even broke out a little sweat walking to and from the community center.  This is where I begin to pay for the weekend before when I moved furniture.  My lower stomach was hurting really bad I could barely make it home, meanwhile Jun and Tori ran up ahead of me and teased me for walking so slow.  I spent the rest of the day laying down trying to recover from the walk.  I really wish I wouldn't have gotten so tired because I really wanted to go back to the carnival and eat some good food.  I guess I missed out and all that good stuff because the carnival is over and so are our sunny days, it's been raining since Sunday. 

Yesterday I went to my WIC appointment all the way in Manteca, and I work in Riverbank.  I had to get off 30 minutes early to make it to my appointment on time.  To my surprise the office doors were locked at the WIC office, I went back to my car to look at my appointment slip and saw that my appointment was actually today.  So today I went to my WIC appointment, and again I had to get off work 30 minutes early to make it on time.  Everything went well at my appointment, but I haven't gained any weight since my last prenatal appt.  That's ok I guess, but I have started to feel pregnant and heavy with my stomach feeling hard more often.  I truly believe the baby runs a marathon in my stomach every day, that's how active he is, but I love it.  I like seeing the baby move under my skin, it lets me know he's still in there. One aspect of this pregnancy I don't care too much for is how oily my hair has been getting, and my skin.  I get little break outs on my face and neck and I really don't appreciate that, hopefully it will end soon.  I'm also starting to get restles with my hair, I just don't like it anymore, but I dont want to cut it short, maybe I'll just go in for a trim sometime this week.  Well that's about all the thoughts I have right now.  I'm 29 weeks! I will be 30 tomorrow and I'm very excited.  My next prenatal appointment is a week from today, we'll see what happens then, till then TTFN

2006-02-19  (28 weeks)
I guess I should have been more clear
My sister Laura had her baby by c section last thursday, and she has a little baby boy.  They finally picked out a name, his name is Owen Nathaniel Elias Wilbur.  He's such a cute little baby, not a fussy one at all.  Aww I miss him already he's so CUTE! Ok well I just wanted to clarify my last journal entry, my sister had a baby not me. Although I'm expecting a boy also.  
2006-02-17  (28 weeks)
Baby Boy Wilbur

Baby Boy Wilbur will be the name of the newest addition to the Ochoa and Wilbur grandkids until further notice.  His stats are 8lbs. 4ozs. 20 inches long, and he looks like Laura.  He has her nose, and her chin, and really dark hair  I can tell he's going to be a little brown boy, but he has Ian's big toe, it's so funny!  He is also a peaceful little guy, and didn't cry not one time while I was there.  He slept so comfortably on me while I was burping him.  Naomi was really good for him, and keeps saying he's cute baby.  She also thinks he's funny and laughs when she was watching him sleep, I could tell she wanted to hold him so bad. 

As for my other baby in my belly, he's going to be a fighter because while I was holding Baby Boy Wilbur, mine was kicking really hard, and I could see BBW bouncing up and down from the kicks, I dont' think he liked me holding another baby jk =) but I thought that was funny, my mom could even see BBW bouncing up and down every time mine kicked.

Well I'm going to bed early so I can get up early to babysit Naomi again, and we'll go visit her little brother and her mom tomorrow in the hospital again.

2006-02-16  (28 weeks)

Not much has changed in my life since the last time I wrote in my journal.  My goals for this week are to clean out my room, and take out unnecessary furniture so I can finally set up my new bedding and the babys crib. 

I stopped taking my Iron pills so frequently, until I find slow release iron pills.  The pills I was taking was causing me to be very backed up, and gas build up that wouldn't release, I know I know TMI right?  Well the pressure was too much to bear, I couldn't even lift up my right leg to put my pajama pants on one night, it caused pressure and pain and I felt like something was going to burst inside me near my ovary or something. 

I feel Marcus (our baby) is getting more and more active every single day, but I love being able to feel him move around, I think it's funny.  Believe it or not when I'm talking to Jun (babys daddy) on the phone and I put it on speaker and near my stomach the baby becomes active, I think he really hears his daddy's voice. It's cute. 

I missed church this last sunday, but the sunday before when I had gone to church I told my mom I felt a little guilty that I hadn't told Father Peter I was pregnant, but I didn't need to.  When I walked up to him to greet him, he noticed right away and asked me if I was pregnant, and then blessed my stomach.  I thought that was funny, and a relief he noticed before I told him, because I'm not the type of person that blurts out personal business, and my pregnancy is very personal to me.  I can talk about being pregnant with people that already know I'm pregnant, but I don't bring it up in conversation with random people because they don't know me and I don't know them, and it's my business.  I'm also not noticeably pregnant. 

I guess I should get going, I have a busy schedule today.  I'm going to get ready and pick up my neice Naomi, her grammy is babysitting her for a few hours, and then I'll pick her up to take her to the hospital to visit her mom (my sister).  Laura went in to the hospital an hour ago to deliver her baby boy by c-section, and she should be in recovery in about two hours, and have her room by them.  I plan on taking Naomi out to lunch before we go visit her mom, It kills me to take her to the hospital for her to see her mom with lines and in the hospital bed, I guess I'm afraid how she's going to react since I hear she freaks out when she saw the nurse take Laura's blood pressure, but I'm sure she'll be very happy to see her mom and dad and her new little brother.  It's so cute, Laura bought her a shirt that says "I'm the Big Sister" so I'll dress her in the shirt before we leave to the hospital.   I'm really excited to be able to baby sit Naomi, I don't get to do much babysitting since Laura is an at home mom, and Naomi is quite attached to her mom, so I get to spend some quality time with her, and I'm also really excited to meet my new little nephew, I can't wait to see what he looks like.  I think he'll look exactly like Naomi when she was born, I'll also learn the name of the baby since his name is still undertermined. 

I'll have more information about the delivery, and will either post a bulletin later today or tomorrow,  if you want to visit my sisters baby crowd journal the link is at the bottom of the page.




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