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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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Baby has arrived!

2006-03-28  (33 weeks)
TMI (too much info)

WARNING: This Journal is intended for mature non judgemental minds only.  Please be advised contents may contain graphic details. 

I guess I lost my mucus plug last week .  As I performed my routine restroom rituals, I heard a drop sound into the toilet, and thought that was funny because I did not go #2.  When I checked to see what it was, I saw something sinking to the bottom of the toilet.  It looked palish white-ish almost like toilette paper, but yet it was sinking.  So...the next thing I do is call my sister and ask her about when her mucus plug dropped and what she experienced.  Then I told her what had happened in the bathroom a few minutes earlier, and she agreed it must have been my mucus plug.  I'll have to remember to let my doctor know next week when I go to the next appointment. 

As for this week I made the biggest mistake of my life! All day yesterday I wanted to go to Jamba Juice.  I finally had the opportunity after my sister and I finished shopping.  My bright idea was to add a fiber boost to my drink so you know things would soften up.  After I finished my drink everything was still fine, except for this morning.  At work my stomach started to hurt really badly, I had to go home sick, and I have made multiple trips to the bathroom, sometimes within 10 minutes.  Boy am I paying for that fiber boost.  My mom thought I was going into premature labor or something was really wrong if I had to go to the bathroom that many times.  But I knew these pains were not labor pains.  My sister Rosa brought over some gas x pills to help relieve the pain, and they did work.  Now I'm trying to find ways to make my trips to the bathroom become less frequent. 

A bit of advice to everyone.....Never get a fiber boost EVER.  I'll never make the same mistake again.



2006-03-23  (33 weeks)
33 weeks

Well I went to another appointment this week, and waited for 2 hours before the doctor came in the room.  Most likely he was delivering a baby.  When Dr Paltiz came in he could not stop talking, but it was ok because we never have much conversation during our appointments.  While he was doing the sonogram the baby was upside down, but probably didn't stay like that because this kid is all over the place.  Dr Paltiz also said I'm average and the baby will probably weigh in the mid 7's or high 7's, but right now little Marcus is 3lbs 12ozs.

I can't wait till my next appointment, we get to see the baby again, and then it'll definitely be count down time.  I'll have to get a sonogram on here one of these days, but we haven't been able to get a good shot because the baby is so big now. 

Take care everyone~

2006-03-15  (32 weeks)
I just got home from grocery shopping with my sister Laura.  I didn't plan on buying anything, but ended up buying a few things to take to work for lunch.  After we left the grocery store Laura called Ian to see if he wanted anything to eat.  I wasn't hungry at the time, but as soon as we drove up to the drive thru at In and Out, I got really hungry and ended up ordering a whole meal.  I've been so hungry lately!  
2006-03-12  (31 weeks)

Yes I've been missing in action lately more than usual.  This week has been normal as usual.  I went to my appointment last tuesday and everything is still looking good.  I was finally able to see the baby's sex organs, up until now I still questioned the sex because I hadn't seen it for my own eyes.  I think it's funny and cute.  After our appointment we went and finished registering, and Jun picked out multiples of the same thing.  I don't know why, but now we have two travel systems, four diaper bags, and so many more things.  He's crazy I know, but I knew he would like to add his own style to the registry list. 

I'm getting more excited about having this baby, the count down has begun.  I have my next appointment on the 21st.  My appointments will be every other week.  My sisters will be throwing me a baby shower April 9th, although it's not set in stone yet. 

I had more I wanted to write about in my journal lately, but my internet has not been working so this has been the first chance I've had to actually write in my journal, hence the MIA.  Ok well hopefully this week we'll have the internet up and running again, and I'll start to write more in my journal, and I'll have another appointment next week.


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