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2016-03-28  (30 weeks)
What Pregnancy Has Taught Me.
  The other day I was thinking about my life before I got pregnant. I don't know if anyone else does that but I was just thinking about what I did every weekend and who I hung out with, What my plans were for my life, just everything, and I came to realize so much.
  I lost so many friends, you really do learn who your true friends are when you become pregnant. I used to go out every single weekend and sing some karaoke drink some beers with a huge group of friends and my wonderful boyfriend. As soon as I became pregnant everything changed very quickly! Obviously I couldn't drink anymore, my boyfriend actually hasn't drank either, so we had no desire to go out to the bar and watch everyone get wasted. It's just not fun! So since I don't want to go to the bar all my friends (and my boyfriend's friends) vanished. It's so hurtful. All because we didn't want to go to the bar, like we can't all go hang out and get something to eat or go to a movie or go to the mall or just hang out at home and play video games or anything. I seriously had very hurt feelings by that but then I started thinking about how if they were real friends they would ask to do things with us that doesn't involve a bar. Which brings me to the next thing I came to realize...
  My boyfriend and I drank way too much, we were like alcoholic! I realized how much we actually drank. We went out every single weekend to the bar. We would get drunk every single weekend sometimes it would be both Friday and Saturday. I am so glad I got pregnant. Because that is not how I wanted to live my life and I didn't even realize that was how I was living until I got pregnant. It's sad actually. I had friends that only could have a good time if they were drunk.
  Pregnancy has taught me all of that. I am so thankful for my wonderful Boyfriend. He has put up with me for 30 weeks now. All my crazy emotional fits here and there, I got very lonely when my friends didn't want to hang out but Sean was always there for me. He is my bestfriend and I am so thankful for having him in my life. And honestly even though we only have each other thats really all we both need. I am so happy I lost all my friends, I didn't need crappy non-true friends like that in my life or around my child anyway. And honestly I couldn't be happier with how my life is right now, and will be forever!

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