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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth
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2016-06-30  (8 weeks)
June 29, 2016 - Heart Beat
Yesterday I had my first ultrasound at 8 weeks. I was able to see your little heart beat! It was a little blob on the screen that was flashing. You are too small at this point to actually hear it but we did get the video of the little flashing heart! It's really starting to feel real now and I am really optimistic about everything. We were watering our grass a few days ago and the neighbour (Jenn) asked if I wanted to have a glass of wine with her. It was the first time that she ever asked so I had to decline but I went over there and told her why. Her and her husband don't have any kids yet and I surly didn't want to ask when they were thinking about having kids. I realize that it's not really a question you should ask. I have a job interview on Monday and I would be curious to see what happens if I get hired since I'm already 2 months. They would probably have me on probation for 3 months where I would probably be showing by this point. I hope that means I wouldn't get fired because of it! They can fire you for no reason with in the 3 months of hire. I actually just need 4 months so that I can apply for MAT leave.  
2016-06-26  (7 weeks)
May 2016
Tuesday May 3 2016 was the start of my last period. It wasn't until about 4 weeks later that I thought I might be pregnant. Each month before my period, I always have sore breasts. This month I didn't feel anything. I was getting excited because my cycle is usually about 26-27 days. I think it was around May 24 that I told Dad that I thought that I might be a bit late! He was kind of surprised and he suggested that I take a pee test on Friday. I went the next day and bought a test from Dollarama for $1.25. By the time Thursday night came, I couldn't wait so I took the test. To my surprise, it was negative. So I started to wonder...."Am I pregnant or is there something wrong?". I waited until the following Tuesday which would have been over a week late for me to take another test. Again it was negative. I was convinced that I was not pregnant as I really wasn't feeling any different other than a bit more tired than usual and maybe a bit edgy. I went to the walk-in clinic that Thursday to get a blood test and asked the doctor to send me for some other tests in case I was not expecting. I followed up with the clinic the following Monday and they advised that the results were in. We went on the Tuesday (June 14) to the walk in clinic to see the doctor. To my surprise, the test was finally positive!! We were so excited! I couldn't even believe what was happening. I booked another appointment with my GP for the following Thursday. We went over some things that I need to do and he took some more blood from me to make sure everything was going as planned. A few days later, I spoke with my GP and he advised that everything is going smoothly and my levels were up where they should be. I found an OB and my next appointment is at the end of July. So far I really don't have any symptoms other than: Sore breasts, a little bit more tired than usual, easily out of breath. No cravings, no nausea, no gas, no food aversions, no moodiness...nothing! So I'm feeling pretty good. We haven't told anyone yet but I think that Dad's mom already knows because I really don't know how to lie! yesterday I was taking to her on the phone and out of no where, she asked me "Are you pregnant?" It really caught me off guard so I said "Why would you ask me I'm not pregnant." I know she totally didn't buy it! She has a 6th sense about these things and I totally blew it!!! She is going away to the USA for a few weeks and we won't see her until the ending of July so that's when we will tell her. We have a few fun ideas on how we want to tell eveyone but I'm worried she is going to ask me again before we get to tell her the way we want to tell everyone. We were thinking about having 2 food plates in front of me and 2 glasses of wine infront of dad. when people ask whats going on....he will say that he is drinking for 2 and I will say that I am eating for 2. We were also thinking that we could take a group picture but actually have it on record and ask everyone to say "cheese" and then proceed to take another picture and tell everyone to say "Brittany is Pregnant!" Hopefully one of them works before someone asks me if I'm pregnant.  
2016-06-25  (7 weeks)
The beginning
Here is the beginning  

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