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2014-02-27  (baby has arrived)
17 Months
It's been a couple months I have not updated Mia's progress and so many things have happened. Mia has been sick for about 3 days now. She has not let me sleep for three nights now and I'm exhausted. Although Mia is sick she remains being the best baby I have ever met. She is not loud or whining and I appreciate that :) She is very playful and friendly. She loves to play peek a boo and Pon pon el dedito en el pilon. My mom taught her how to put her finger in her palm and when she does that I know I have to sing the song. When Dad takes her to eat Vietnamese food, she laughs so hard with the waiter that makes sure to make her laugh by making faces to her from far away. Mia not only walks, but she runs. She loves it when Aislinn plays the chasing game with her. Mia is also likes to observe. When Dad cooks she wants me to hold her so that she can see how he is cooking. Mia is not scared of the dark. I turn off the lights to go to bed and she walks in the dark to the kitchen to play with the pots. I have to go grab her and put her back in bed. She has a sense of humor. She makes monster sounds just to get attention or make us laugh. All the kids at the Day Care love her. They all say her name when she comes in the morning. One of the girls went to build a bear in the weekend and named her bear Mia. They all can't stop saying her name lol Mia is already a Super Star and we are so proud of her  
2013-10-26  (baby has arrived)
Mia is now walking!! She taking short walks without holding on to anything and then drops to the floor. She's doing great! On her last weight check she was 19lbs. Mia now has 4 teeth. The two top front ones came out shortly after her birthday. Talking about her birthday... it was a total success. Everthing came out so pretty in purple, pink and blue. The photographer took tons of pictures. Mia wasn't feeling well on her birthday but she still had fun in the carousel. Daddy loves taking pictures of her and posting on her IG. Mia is a loved baby girl!  
2013-08-07  (baby has arrived)
Standing and Teething

Mia is already standing! Well she's been doing it for a couple weeks now. She is even walking along furniture while holding on. We are so proud of her :) She also has two of her bottom front teeth. The one on top that was peeking out decided to hide again. Mia started attending Day Care on July 26th . I thought she would have separation anxiety but she actually loves it. She puts a big a smile in her face when she arrives there. And I love it cause it gives me peace of mind. Mia does a lot of baby talking. The other day when I was in the supermarket she was holding a long conversation of a lot of baby talk and the lady on the other line thought she will start talking early. Well, my mom thinks the same. Mia is just growing too fast.

Her birthday preparation is coming along well. In 5 weeks and 3 days will be her big event! Cant wait. 

2013-06-21  (baby has arrived)
Mia's 1st Birthday Planning

In less than 3 months from now we will be celebrating Mia's first birthday. Daddy and I have decided to go all out for this birthday party as we missed her baby shower due to her early arrival. Plus, Mia deserves a Super Party for being such a great little girl. Daddy is so involved in the party planning :) It will be held in a great location that we don't want to expose yet so that no one beats us to it lol and the theme of the party will be "Carousel". We already ordered a very WOW cake that will be delivered by the baker to the party location. Today we talked to a professional photographer that will cover the whole party. Daddy and I are so excited about this event. That's what we talk about all day, every day. Anything for you Mia Anise!!


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