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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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2010-05-22  (17 weeks)
feeling a little something!
I felt Laurel kick around 18 weeks and this baby is proving to be the same.  I'd thought I would feel the movements a little earlier since I am "experienced", but can't say I've felt much that I could say - yes!  that was the baby.  I think I have had a rare nudge or two in the past week or 2 but last night was really the first "show".  For some reason I decided a giant glass of orange juice was in order at 9 pm:) - and the sugar boost caused the baby to do a little dance.  Still not something to feel or see from the outside but definitely bumping about in there.  That's fun to feel and always a relief that things are progressing as they should.

Not much else to report otherwise.  I did have an appt. on May 7th that was very quick in and out.  They did take blood for the second part of the screening they do for downs syndrome.  Otherwise, just a listen for the heartbeat.  The baby was very low in my pelvis and was moving around so much that the doctor had trouble hearing the heart and not little thumping kicks.  But finally the beat was found and I was sent on my way. 

We'll have the next appt. coming up very soon at the beginning of June and they hope to check for gender.  That will be an exciting appointment!

I just returned from our annual trip to NYC with Copper Willow.  Besides being tired, pregnancy didn't complicate much.  I definitely felt tired in the legs a lot and pretty achy from all of the extra blood flow. 
2010-04-25  (14 weeks)
second trimester relief
Well we've made it into the second trimester.  That's pretty much the light at the tunnel for me for many reasons.  One, the symptoms lessen a bit.  I've been physically exhausted and just emotionally tired for weeks now.  Low motivation, low enthusiasm.  Pretty much throws me into a funk and all I've wanted to do is lay on the couch.  Of course, I'm doing that right now!  But I feel much better during the day.  I'm still tired at night and try to get to bed at a reasonable hour.  8 even 9 hours of sleep are a regular routine now.  I've had a lot of work at the studio and I've been dragging but have felt my drive pick up recently.  I haven't had a great relief to the indigestion - which isn't really indigestion, it's just excessive burping, which gets uncomfortable.  Again, solution has been lying down:). 

On the 8th we had a great ultrasound.  All looked good and the baby was quite active.  Very clear heart beat and lots of wriggling around.  The next day we took Laurel to Disneyland to celebrate her beginning success at potty training (which continues to go so well!)  I was startled to find some blood on my underwear while we were there.  I managed to rein in the worry, thanks to having seen a healthy baby the day before.  The slow on and off drain of some old blood continued for the next 5 days and then just went away.  Must less traumatizing than the first time.  With Laurel, the blood was fresh and would come and go with much more alarm.  I took it in stride this time and kept things low key, but continued about my normal routine.  Things are continuing to progress and so the worry of the dangerous bleed is gone now that we're getting into the 14th week.  I had looked back on my first journal with Laurel and the bleeding with her did occur around the same time - the 11th week.  So, I guess that's just what happens with my body. 

I'm starting to poke out a bit, so I've started wearing some of my maternity clothes.  I've forgotten that this early stage is awkward for clothing.  The maternity pants are pretty big and the shirts accommodate a much bigger belly than I have at this point.  I bought a new pair of jeans with a stretchy panel that I've worn constantly.  Regular shirts are still cutting it, but sometimes I will rely on a belly band to help cover if the shirt rides up a bit.  I'm also relying on my single pair of black leggings and think maybe I should buy another pair!

Laurel made another funny comment the other day.  She was watching a commercial and said "baby cute!"  I asked her if she'd like a baby at home.  She said, "yeah, I like baby!"  So I told her, ok, I'll make her a baby.  She said, "no!  I make baby!"  She's very head strong:).

2010-04-06  (11 weeks)
11 week - baby fig
So this week, baby is the size of a fig.  Nearly fully formed and moving about, though I'm not feeling anything yet.  Symptoms are continuing as before - still tired, lots of indigestion.  My indigestion is definitely coming at certain hours of the day, or is strongest at certain hours.  Pretty much from 4 pm on, I'm most comfortable lying down.  That's not always possible, so I've been eating lots of pretzel sticks and sucking on mint lifesavers.  At night, the sooner I can get to bed, the better! 
My pants are getting tighter.  I can still wear my regulars, but have been leaving the button open or even the zipper and pulling a stretchy tank overtop to smooth the opening. 
My appetite is still active and I'll eat pretty much anything.  I am trying to avoid heavier foods that will sit in my stomach longer and that doesn't help with the indigestion. 
Laurel's been coming into bed with us at night, since we all were very sick with colds starting in February.  I'm noticing discomfort if she tries to lay on my stomach or pushes against me.  At some point, we won't have room for all three (four!) of us.  
2010-03-26  (9 weeks)
Baby #2 in October!
Well we're nearly at 10 weeks, time to start a journal:).  I really enjoyed writing for Laurel and actually find it useful now to compare one pregnancy to the other.  Plus it's made for a nice keepsake for Laurel and so here's one for Baby 2!

We had our pregnancy confirmed by our general physician at around 6 weeks.  We did plan the baby, so I was keeping my eye out for symptoms.  But we had a rocky start that disguised the symptoms!  Starting in mid-January and through most of February, I had the worst cold!  Thankfully no infections, but we all just tossed it back and forth in the house.  Miserable.  Finally a late cycle gave it away!  Our first OB appt, again with Plaza Towers in Santa Monica, was easy and quick.  I went alone this time, with Laurel at home, we're having to split efforts.  The baby was still looking bean-like, but had a strong heartbeat.  I was concerned because of my cold that the baby might have been affected.  Dr. Chen said that if my body wasn't able to tolerate a baby and cold at the same time, a miscarriage would have happened.  She says the strong heart is a great sign and there isn't cause for concern. 

We have kept the pregnancy news to ourselves and immediate family for now.  I checked back on Laurel's journal and I had bleeding at 11 weeks.  It was such a worrisome time, with so much uncertainty.  We had told nearly everyone by then and then had to explain and keep everyone updated.  It was emotionally draining.  Once we can make it safely into the second trimester without a bleeding incident, we will make some loud news out of this baby:). 

For now, the first trimester is going like a first trimester does:).  Like last time, I am exhausted.  At exactly 7 weeks it hit me like a freight train!  I was suddenly exhausted with very low energy.  I also have a lot of nausea and indigestion - already, ugh - that hits me in the late afternoon.  The main difference I am seeing is that with Laurel I couldn't eat anything and had very noticeable cravings, like eating eggs all the time!  With this one, I want to eat all the time and really feel best with a full stomach.  Hunger pangs actually feel nauseating.  I'm getting up at least once at night to pee:), too.  My clothes are fitting a bit tighter around the waist, but i haven't moved into anything maternity yet.  I do feel like I'm popping out sooner, but then again I am also eating more this time around! 

Laurel doesn't understand the baby yet.  She loves babies but until there is a belly, I don't think she will grasp the concept that a baby can be in my belly and on the way.  We ask her what she wants for a sibling and she goes back and forth with boy and girl. 

Our next OB appt. will be in the second week of April.  Last time we had lots of ultrasound pictures to check on the bleeding.  As much as I've love to see the baby, I'm hoping not to! 

Oh - something to note:) - due date is October 24th.  Was the 22nd, but the first ultrasound adjusted it slightly by the measurements. 

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