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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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2010-08-10  (29 weeks)
quick updates
Things have been pretty easy lately!  We had a check up on the 2nd, everything was good.  No ultrasound, just a listen to the heartbeat.  I miss not seeing the baby even for one visit!  I'll be going back in on the 18th.  Now that we're in the 3rd trimester, we're going in every 2 weeks instead of once per month. 

The baby is definitely showing her size.  She's really filling up space in me and can kick and push from both sides at the same time.  My lungs aren't suffering yet, so I know she still has room:).  She's pretty active though!  I definitely have quiet moments when she's resting but when she's awake, she's bouncing around.  She's getting large enough that the movements can be seen from the outside, my belly poking out in places as she stretches.  Sometimes i can feel a joint hand/foot pressing and can push back. 

I'm definitely larger than before.  I think I'm about 2 months larger in weight gain that I was with Laurel.  Again, I blame the appetite:).  This one seems to sit lower on me and is growing straight out.  New stretch marks, here I come!  I've started putting lotion on my belly regularly.  It really  helped with the stretching feeling and itching last time and hopefully I'm getting ahead of it this time! 

I had my first burst of nesting this past week/weekend.  We decided to get rid of our dining room and bistro set, and finally the futon that's been taking up space in our dining room.  So with that change, it set me off on a cleaning and tidying spree!  I worked in Laurel's room a lot, tidied in the living room, cleaned in the dining area and hung up some pictures.  Our bedroom is a huge project, but I am finding the drive to get it done before the baby takes away my attention.  Though I've had bursts of energy, I do still have to take breaks more often.  I try not to stand at the press for long at the studio, taking frequent breaks.  My feet get sore and my belly starts to feel heavy.  I've stayed up late the past couple of nights working on invitation projects and haven't gotten a full 8 hours and it really wears on me the next day.  If I don't have something to accomplish during Laurel's nap, I will let myself sleep with her.  But if I do, I just have to grin and bear it and hope I can get to bed earlier that night! 
2010-07-24  (26 weeks)
On the 12th before we left for Georgia on vacation, I had another ultrasound.  Turns out the doctor that did the detailed ultrasound actually had concerns about the length of my cervix.  This time, another doctor took a look and thought it all looked fine, so she wasn't sure why there was cause for concern.  I didn't even know the other doctor was worried!  But I was glad to find that everything was ok. 

Laurel, Mom and I left for Georgia on the 13th and had a nice time away with lots of much needed downtime.  I had lots of time in the pool which ended up being really nice on the belly.  Kept me cool and weightless:).  I also got a lot of nightly sleep.  Laurel managed to stay somewhat on pacific time, more central, and I quickly switched to eastern.  So I ended up getting as much sleep as Laurel every night, about 10 hours. 

The baby has been very active, especially at night.  She feels larger now, kicks and movements being felt above the belly button.  Kicks and pokes are a lot stronger than flutters too, very pronounced and visable from the outside. 
2010-07-06  (24 weeks)
confirmed girl and a-ok ultrasound
On July first we had our appt. for our detailed ultrasound.  It was previously set for the third week of June, but on the way to the doctor, they called to say the doctor was called out on an emergency and needed to reschedule.  After dragging Laurel out of the house and picking up Mom, that was definitely frustrating! 
The rescheduled appt. went just fine!  We had a different doctor than the screening with Laurel.  There's 2 men in the practice that are qualified to do the ultrasound.  The first one, from last time, was rather cold and uninformative.  The 2nd guy this time was much friendlier and was very good at explaining everything very well.  We took a look at the baby's spine, stomach "bubble", bladder, measured some limbs and head.  He tried to get a face shot but she's already head down, so he had trouble getting a good view.  We also had him confirm the gender, just to be 100%:).  And we do indeed have another girl on the way!
At the same appt, they did my glucose screening.  Not much involved except to drink a sugary drink an hour before and get my blood drawn.

From June 25-27 we were in Santa Barbara for Christy's wedding.  It was a lovely and elegant weekend filled with great food!  I held up pretty well and even squeezed into my black bridesmaid dress!  Phew!  I had to switch it out in May for a larger size and even worried the I might have to have Megan let the back open a bit to make more room.  She ended up cutting out a square "window" in the lining in the front to reduce the restriction and it worked just fine.  
Friday night's rehearsal dinner was so delicious, but the baby was sitting high all throughout the meal and caused horrible indigestion.  I couldn't wait to lay down.  Fortunately I was feeling better for the wedding day with all of the prep starting in the morning and felt great for the fantastic dinner we had that night.

Since then my appetite has only grown!  At the 7/1 appt, I have gained about 15 pounds.  I still have another month left in my second trimester but I feel like I have the appetite I remember having in the third with Laurel!  Fortunately it's summer and I can eat lots of fresh berries and veggies. 
I have another appt on the 12th, right before we go to Georgia to visit my aunt and uncle. 

2010-06-10  (20 weeks)
baby girl!
Last week we had our 20 week appt. with gender "search".  Pretty much a hunt because they're looking for boy parts and if nothing stands out, they assume girl.  So the doctor was 90% sure it's a girl!  It took a while to look around, legs were loosely crossed.  But an under the rear view allowed a look and she didn't see anything boy.  We're very excited to have another girl - for ease since we have everything! - and also for Laurel to have a sister.  Alex wanted a second girl, too, so we're all pleased with the result. 

In other progress, I'm feeling larger than I was at this time with Laurel.  I'm sure the muscles have no resistance after a first baby, and it really feels that way.  I'm feeling very large for as far along as I am.  At my last appt., I think I saw that I have gained 10-12 lbs so far, which I think is on target.  It's hard to judge because with Laurel I didn't eat nearly as much!  I feel like I have the appetite now that I had in my third trimester last time. 

My exhaustion has definitely let up and my indigestion is now only at its worst in the afternoon and makes me want to lie down for a bit. 
I am feeling the baby more often now.  Mostly when I am lying down resting and can actually focus on feeling it.  Otherwise, being busy with work and Laurel doesn't leave me much downtime.  So far the movements have been slow and calm, nothing that really moves the belly around. 

We'll have our next appt. on the 22nd for our detailed ultrasound.  It focuses on the bone structure and measuring the sizes of organs and appendages.  Then at the very beginning of July is another regular visit with glucose screening.

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