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Baby has arrived!

2010-10-07  (37 weeks)
still busy, still getting ready!
We're now a little over half way into the 37th week!  This site tells me baby is now considered full-term.  Emotionally, I'm ready, but in my day-to-day at the apt. and at work, I'm not ready.  Just when I finish doing some tidying in the apt., everything clutters up again.  It's just the nature of life, but I'd love to return from the hospital to a nice, clean, tidy place.  Copper Willow is also quite busy right now and with the holidays approaching, I don't see a break in sight, so we'll keep on pushing forward!  Fortunately, I have plenty of energy.  It helps that Laurel keeps me on my toes and we continue to work on a long to-do list. 

Things at home are falling into place slowly.  I continue to do some laundry and put baby things in their living places.  My nursing station is all set up.  I bought a new breast pump too, bpa free and all the new fanciness:).  All of the baby clothes I washed are in the draw in the dresser.  Covers and pads are washed for the baby tub, car seat and swing.  Christy is throwing me a nice shower this Sunday at her house in OC.  After that, we should be set on everything that is needed for baby. 

Laurel is more than excited.  She is always asking when the baby is coming out.  I think she'll be a good little helper:).  We took some really sweet belly pics at our photo shoot.  There's a couple of cute pictures of Laurel cuddling the belly. 

Overall I'm feeling pretty good.  People ask me constantly how I'm feeling, strangers mostly:).  They see how large I am and tell me I must be ready to pop the baby out any minute.  Very true, that's exactly how I look!  I'm not sleeping super well at night...continuing with the reflux complaint and getting up multiple times to pee.  But otherwise, making do pretty well during the day.  Braxton Hicks are picking up and the baby seems to have dropped down into position.  So we'll see what happens at this point!  Laurel was late, but we could go early this time.  Not going to count on it though:).  I am getting very excited to meet her.  This pregnancy has flown by, but it doesn't make the anticipation any less!
2010-09-22  (35 weeks)
Starting preparations
I just finished folding a load of baby laundry and I don't think I've ever enjoyed folding laundry so much.  I enjoyed folding Laurel's first load of clothes too, but this stack of clothing had so much more meaning.  Laurel wore most of the clothing and now a new baby will wear the clothes.  Both sentimental and exciting.  I found myself tearing up knowing Laurel is so big now but also feeling happy about the new little person who will be here.
The laundry was just one thing on the list of things we've done lately to start getting ready for baby.  I registered for some things last week that I need to either refresh or replace some things.  Christy is hosting a shower at her house for me, so it will be nice to get together with a few friends and family and stock up on some much needed items. 
Over the weekend, Alex and I went through the storage in the garage and pulled out the car seat, swing, bath tub and a few other items.  Most of the covers were dirty, so I threw them all in the wash and they're all clean and ready now.
The other day, I went through some infant boxes in Laurel's closet and pulled out of the the swaddling blankets, burp towels and breastfeeding supplies.  I stocked the top drawer of the small white dresser with nursing items.  My pump needs some new materials, but otherwise I'm finding a lot of things and starting to put them in their new homes. 

I had an ob appt last week and we did have a quick ultrasound.  They took a look at the baby to make sure she was head down and she is, so she's in position!  I have one more appt in the 2 week cycle and then I move to appts. every week.  Not too much is changing right now.  The baby still gets hiccups a lot.  I still feel larger and more stretched than with Laurel.  My belly is getting very itchy underneath and my hands and toes feel puffier.  I actually took my rings off because they were feeling too tight.  I have had to buy some new pants because pants that I wore til the end with Laurel are way too tight on me.  I have a bigger butt this time around:).  Oh and I still have indigestion and reflux - no change there unfortunately!  I am looking forward to having the baby out because those symptoms go away instantaneously!  Also, I did have a really strong braxton hicks last night that woke me up!  That was new. 

This weekend we have a portrait session with Holly here at the apt.  We'll be doing a combo of Laurel's 3rd bday and maternity.  After that, we'll be in the home stretch!
2010-09-15  (34 weeks)
More travels for baby
We've just returned from a week trip away to Las Vegas and surrounding areas.  The down time was much needed - as much down time as you can get while still entertaining a 3 year old!  I didn't stress myself with walking too far.  We stayed pretty close to our hotel most of the time and made small jaunts.  My "waddle" is much more pronounced now and the long walks are not as enjoyable as they used to be. 
My indigestion has taken a turn for the worse.  Not even lying down seems to help anymore because the reflux kicks in then.  Hanging in there because I know that the second the baby pops out, it all goes away!:)
I had a quick appt. on the 3rd before we went out of town, just another heart beat listen.  At this next appt., tomorrow, they usually like to check to see if baby is turning head down, so I keep hoping for another ultrasound.  It's been a while! 
Baby has been having a lot of hiccups lately.  It's a funny feeling because it happens deep inside in a rhythmic bump.  Otherwise she's pretty much filling up the space and stretches and rolls and pokes all day long.  I can feel body parts all over! 
We're getting close to the last month so I'm hoping I have another burst of energy like I did in July.  I won't have access to the baby's room before she's born, so I need to start prepping space in our room and getting her clothes washed and things organized. 

The other day, I was putting Laurel down for the night in our hotel room in Vegas and she cuddled up with me, laying her head on my chest and was rubbing my belly.  We were talking about the baby, she was being so sweet.  She is very excited to help with the baby.  I've been telling her that the baby will be very small and will only eat, sleep and need her diaper changed.  Laurel wants to help with all of that.  I will need to prepare her some kind of mommy's helper kit to assist with the baby. 

2010-08-24  (31 weeks)
I've decided that my body is not handling this pregnancy as well as the first.  I had great energy all the way through the first time and not very much pain.  Even stretch marks were minimal.  I'm definitely carrying more weight thanks to a healthier appetite this time around.  The baby also seems to be sitting higher on me so I have noticed the first appearance of some new stretch marks.  I was lucky to make it out the first time with just some small lines on my side hip area.  This time some are popping out right in the middle of my belly - and I still have 2 months to go!  Oye.  So I'm slathering up with cocoa butter which at least helps alleviate any itch or burn from the stretching.  I think the first pregnancy and the birth really stretched me out too.  I feel sore in the pelvic area and some tendons are really struggling to be supportive.  Its time to dig out my waist band which I used to wear while printing.  I may have to wear it all the time.  My feet are sore and both my feet and hands have swelled a little.  Enough complaining? 
It's getting near time to start going through baby clothes again!  I've kept everything Laurel has worn, so I'll need to wash and fold and start to assess things I need.  I'll want to freshen up some nursing and pumping supplies and I've picked out new bedding for the crib.  We'll be reusing the crib and small dresser and we picked a shelving unit that doubles as a changer - from ikea.
We had a minor check up on the 18th, just another heart beat listen.  Things seemed good and strong.  The doctor hopes I can get into a sonogram room for the 32 week appt, which is next week. 

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