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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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2010-10-28  (40 weeks)
Going to be later than Laurel!
We're wrapping up the 4th day past 40 weeks today.  This was the day I went into labor with Laurel.  You could say I'm definitely impatient now!  Still not looking forward to the labor, but oye my body is tired and sore!  I'm pretty sure my skin is stretched to the max and my belly skin is quite sensitive.  I've started to look into the at-home methods of encouraging labor.  I went out and bought Evening Primrose Oil capsules.  I also went for a long walk today as well.  Spent the day at the shop yesterday printing all day, so I've stayed active and on my feet.  Halloween is on Sunday and I sure didn't picture myself being pregnant over the weekend!  And to make it to Monday means a November baby, wow.  For certain didn't entertain that idea.  We still have a couple of days left in the month so anything can happen. 
Family and friends are all feeling impatient as well:).  Lots of wondering and waiting and checking in.  Things are also as ready as they're going to get at home. 
2010-10-25  (40 weeks)
into the 41st week
So the due date came and went over the weekend.  Just like Laurel, no showing:).  It's ok, wasn't planning on it and went on with life!  But there is something about cross into the 41st week that makes you impatient!  So yes, any day now would be nice!  Laurel was 4 days late for labor, came into the world on the 5th day late.  So hopefully by the end of the work week.  In the meantime, I had another ob appt. today.  The doctors don't seem as urgent this time around.  With Laurel, they were urgent to check for dialation and strip my membranes after my due date.  Not so today.  The doctor checked my amniotic fluid, which was fine, and also put me on a fetal monitor to check the baby's stress levels.  All fine.  So now we're just waiting.  I do have another appt. mid day on Friday that I'm really hoping not to attend! 
Over the weekend, we put all of the clean covers on all of the swings, chairs, bouncy seats, etc.  Alex put together the bassinet and we put clean sheets on that too.  Megan is moving out into her own apt. with a friend at the end of the week, so we'll get access to her room and all of the clutter should disappear!  Laurel was an excellent helper.  So enthusiastic to help help with baby things.  She even practiced swinging a doll in the swing.  So sweet.
Up until yesterday and today, I've felt pretty good.  Decent amount of energy.  Yesterday and today, I just couldn't stay awake during Laurel's nap.  The walk down the street to the ob and back pretty much wiped me out physically for the day as well.  I'm still putting in time at the shop, which doesn't seem strenuous, but every little bit is adding up.  I am glad to be able to take a nap while the opportunity is there!:)
2010-10-22  (39 weeks)
closing in on 40 weeks!
It's the end of Thursday now, Sunday is the due date.  We're closing in fast and not feeling optimistic about going early.  We had an ob appt. Tuesday morning and all was fine.  A quick ultrasound showed a healthy baby still and plenty of fluid around her to keep her cozy.  When the doctor measured my uterus size, she actually said i was measuring smaller, at about 36 weeks.  Not sure I'd take that as anything but a grain of salt though because I've measured on target every other visit.  I didn't put on any weight though. 

The baby continues to be active, which is great of course.  But more defined into times of day.  Quite active at night and more chill during the day.  She doesn't wake me at night, but she is very busy in the evening hours.  Either that or I am just more aware since I'm not walking around, working and chasing after Laurel!

Did my final load of baby laundry tonight.  Still lots to put away and not as tidy in here as I'd like, but after a certain point, you just have to know that the baby will come and things will be fine!
2010-10-15  (38 weeks)
the waiting and wondering game
I just visited the blog I wrote when I was pregnant with Laurel.  I'm pretty sure i started losing my plug today, so I was curious to see how that timed with losing my plug the last time.  It was about 2 weeks before the due date, so we're about on track, so a little late even.  So we'll probably be looking at another late delivery:).  Or at least I won't get optimistic about an early delivery like last time!  It almost seemed comical how determined I was to deliver early in my posts.  Especially now knowing we went 5 days past the due date! 
So instead we're continuing on with life and work.  I'm still slowing putting some things together for baby that I haven't finished yet.  Still going through some loads of baby laundry for instance.  But we did check some more things off of the list.  I went to target yesterday and got lanolin cream and some tiny nail clippers.  We also picked up a bag of newborn diapers - gosh they're small, I didn't remember!  I also bought Laurel a hot pink basket that I filled with the diapers and will add wipes and cream so it can be her Mommy's helper basket. 
We got a bunch of things that we needed at the shower.  More diapers for a larger size, the baby monitors to replace the old ones. etc.  More cute clothes, blankets, socks, etc.  I will want to pick up some storage items once we have the extra room to move into and also need to replace my bottles with the bpa free ones.  But none of those things are a rush.  The shower was at Christy's house, very lovely spread of food and pretty flowers and balloons.  A small group of friends and family attended and because it was Alex's bday, we invited guys to come with and hang out back with him.  Kids swam in the pool, they barbequed a great dinner.  It was a nice, relaxing day. 
My next appt. is on Tuesday and we will have crossed 39 weeks by then.  So we'll see if the doctor does a physical exam at that point.  It would be nice to know if there was any progress.  But I know better this time not to get so excited about being a centimeter dialated!!

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