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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth
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2014-02-21  (5 weeks)
Is this real?
Hello everyone, this is my first ever blog! I am Veronica, a stay at home mum of two beautiful children, a 5 year old daughter called Carla-Jayne and a 2 year old son called Dylan-James. We have two dogs, a German Spitz and a Siberian Husky. I got my BFP on 17th February and i can honestly say i was shocked! I wasn't expecting to be pregnant to say the least. I just woke up feeling different and took a test, within seconds the result was there and it felt like my heart stopped and i felt complete joy with a hint of terror! I mean this is my final pregnancy, i'll never experience this again. I have to admit i have a few worries, i suffered badly with SPD with my last pregnancy from 9 weeks until the end. i have my fingers and toes all crossed that i don't suffer this time round. I have a few typical pregnancy symptoms, tiredness, an over active bladder at night, bloated and restless legs already! Thankfully i have no morning sickness and didn't with my other two pregnancies. I suppose i get a little nausea but nothing to stop me in my tracks! I am going to see the midwife next week for the first time, i am pretty worried to say the least, i hate having bloods taken! I'll let you all know how it goes! :D Happy pregnancies Veronica xXx  

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