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2014-05-06  (26 weeks)
Ho Hum.
Well, let's see. I am 26 weeks now :) Which is a little craycrazy. Only one week until I am in my 3rd trimester. It seems like it has just flown by! I would like time to S L O W   D O W N just a bit! Whew. So I'm a little concerned about a few things. One, at my last appointment (24 weeks) baby measured 28 weeks. So thats.. a bit big. I read online that 4 weeks is normal if it's not your first baby but my doc seemed a little ...concerned. I have GD again. And though I've been less meticulous about carb counting-i usually kinda eye ball it- my numbers have been great. There has been two times were they were higher- once on easter, tho they were still in the normal range , just higher than my norm. and twice when evan and i went out to eat, it was way high 2 hours after! I'm not sure what i ate that made it so high! maybe some french fries.. but whew. Other than that, theyre usually in the 70s or 80s 2 hours after. So if my baby IS big, it shouldn't be food related. And, another thing that makes me feel like hes big... I was looking at my Lela journal on here and at 29 weeks I commented on what her movement was like, how i could feel her all over, and I can already do that NOW with him and have been able to for at least a week! So 4 or 5 weeks prior to the time I could with lela? Hmmm. I dont want to have a huge baby :( Esp if it means labor and delivery risks.. or increased risk of c section... or increased chances of diabetes for my baby. I jsut dont understand. Maybe he will just be a big healthy baby. Sigh. Maybe he turned into twins. LOL Since everyone keeps asking me that anyway.......... ok that's all for now xo
2014-04-15  (23 weeks)
OH. Forgot to mention...
That I am having a boy! I'm so surprised I didn't update, I thought I did! Anyway so yep there's a baby dasius in my belly:) Evan is still working on a middle name.. Dasius is growing on me though I guess.. (What choice do I have ! hah) I will love my boy tho no matter what his name is. <br><br> As far as gestational diabetes goes though, I've been experimenting.. Yesterday, my numbers were always fine or even a little low 2 hours later. I ate a few (big) bites of brownie as I was cooking dinner and then had dinner - which wasn't too many carbs itself (like..40 maybe? but that doesn't include the brownie) and 2 hours later my blood sugar was very good -like 90 i think,  And that was this morning, I ate breakfast, 30 carbs but also i drizzled a very small amount of maple syrup on my waffle (same amount i usually use) but there are SO MANY carbs in maple syrup... i dont know how much in that small amount but i think one table spoon as like 55 carbs in it... ANywya, i checked my blood 45 minutes later just to see and it was 124 which is good for only 45 mins after. And then i tested it again at hour and a half and it was 82, which is fine. Then I ate my favorites from a local coffee shop- a 16 oz vanilla latte & a whole wheat bagel with honey almond cream cheese and an hour later it was108, which is also fine. I'm suppose to be under 120 after two hours. So 108 at one hour would be great. I'm gonna test again at 2 hours to make sure it's going down though. Anyway, maybe I should have taken the 3 hour test, maybe I would have passed. But, that was pretty miserable last time.  Anywya I suppose that's all for now. XO
2014-04-14  (23 weeks)
Gestational Diabetes
So I got my monitor for gd today. Bleh. Pricking my finger hurts. But I knew this was coming. I just hope it's easier to get blood out this time than it was while prego with Lela. I had a bunch of carbs and sweets this weekend to say good bye haha. Anyway, other than that things are going pretty good. I've bought quite a bit of boys clothing. Whenever i see something cute I snatch it up if i can haha. Well I guess that's all for now! xo
2014-03-27  (20 weeks)
Baby Baby Baby
Where is this baby at?! Sheesh, I wish this baby moved more. I feel her occ...or him, occasionally. But not nearly as often as I would like. And im afraid im gaining weight too fast. Im a few lbs over the recommended amount but I just came home from vacation and we ate out A LOT so i know that contributes to it. While I was gone though, i weaned my lela:) That was surprisingly easy though I kinda miss it- shes getting so big so fast and it makes my heart ache. I wish they could stay little longer!!!!!!! anyway, theres not much new to add. I find out the gender in less than a week though, woohoo. And we will have our gender reveal party in about a week. Woohoo. Anyway i suppose that's all for now. xo  

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