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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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2014-09-17  (14 weeks)
WELCOME to the 2nd Trimester!!!!!!!
Well here we are 14 almost 15 weeks into this wonderful blessing and 2nd trimester which is a great relief . I had to go to the Dr last week because of headaches that wouldn't go away and Tylenol and sleep wouldn't help. I was worried about high blood pressure and just all around nervousness. We got to the appt and of course headache had gone away THANK GOD, but Dr Sur. wanted to take my bp and fetal heart rate just to be sure. BP was perfect 120/80. Then came time for the fetal dopplar monitor to hear the heartbeat. My biggest fear came when the Dr couldn't find the heartbeat Jake and Micaela were with me and were trying to keep me calm as she quickly ran out to get the u/s machine to make sure all was well. We found out why she couldn't hear the heartbeat was because Beautiful Baby was flipping and jumping around and would stop for a quick second and suck his or her thumb and hiccup. Such a precious sight to see such a wonderful gift to have been blessed with. I am so glad Jake and Kayla were able to be there with me to see such a precious sight We are weeks away from our big move back to the mainland. Just getting things situated and ready. Kayla is doing great in high school with her first progress report coming out with 3 A's and 2 B's. She isn't looking forward to leaving her friends but I am sure she will make new ones. I have my next appt on the 22nd and it will be my last one here. I am hoping to find a great dr when we get settled in. Until next time... God bless and Big HUGS!!!!!  
2014-08-27  (11 weeks)
First OB appointment!!!
Well I had my very first OB appointment yesterday. I was supposed to get a head to toe physical and hear the baby's heartbeat and be done but such was not the case... God works in such amazing ways and he knew I needed to see this precious soul he blessed our family with. So.... I had my exam and instead of just hearing the heartbeat we got to see Beautiful Baby!!!! Every thing is going great and baby is measuring right on time. Baby measured 11 weeks and 5 days and was sleeping while sucking his/ her thumb. Jake's face was priceless and I am so thankful he got to be there with me. Heartbeat was an AMAZING sound again and very strong at 167bpm!!!! I don't get seen again until I am close to 16 wks. Micaela is working hard and has lots of homework these days but is loving Hawaiian Dance and Choir. She and Jake are very helpful around the house which is fantastic when I am beyond tired. We are still gearing up for the BIG MOVE getting things in order here and trying to stay ahead of the game. Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts we love you all I will update more next week.. HUGS!!!  
2014-08-15  (10 weeks)
Made it to double digits!!
Well we have made it to 10 weeks without any issues THANK GOD! I still have 10 more days until my next appointment and it can't get here fast enough. I finally found a prenatal that I could take that wouldn't make me sick. Food actually tastes good again which is both a good and bad thing... My sister is in from Georgia and we have been going non-stop but not to worry I am taking today off to rest and relax while the others are at the beach. Micaela is adjusting well to high school and making memories with her friends. We are in the busy thick of getting ready to move and getting all of our stuff ready to be packed and head to the mainland AGAIN!!! Which includes new house new school new doctor new everything. Its exciting and scary but trusting God through it all. Hope to have more to update next week. Love Hugs and God Bless  
2014-08-06  (8 weeks)
We are happy to announce after many years that we are finally Pregnant!!! We are all excited and very blessed to find this out. We serve an awesome God! I am currently 8 almost 9 weeks with a due date of March 12, 2015!!!! As of now we are going to try and be surprised about the gender but we will see how that turns out... For now baby has a few nicknames just to avoid calling it "IT". Our favorites are Thor, Cletus the Fetus, Thumper, and Butter Bean. We got to see baby and hear the wonderfully beautiful sound of the tiny but strong heartbeat last week July 30th. On a different note Micalea has turned 15 and started high school and that BLOWS MY MIND!!! She was nervous her first day but seems to be getting the hang of it now. Can't wait to see how well she does. Well that's all I have for now will update again next week :D  

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