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Hi, I'm hoping someone might be able offer some advice.I have a 2 year old who can be the most loving wonderful child they is.But people wont look after her anymore because they worry what she will do,she loses it and will tear my home apart,things get broken,she shares a bedroom with her 6 year old sister who sometimes to scared to sleep in with her,because she will wake up a 3 in the morning and for no reason start attacking her and the bedroom,people stare at me when im out because she will just lose it for no reason.I am now having to restain her in a pushchair to stop her from hurting her self and others.She barely getting to sleep before 10pm now and will be awake at 6am.I cant trust her with other children because she will be fine for awhile with them and then just loses it with them.The health vistor just says i need to be harder on discipline with her,but thats not really helping and making it worse,There is a whole list with her,Im at my wits end and they wont do anything till she is older.
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Name: taybry | Date: Dec 14th, 2006 12:01 AM
Have her evaluated by a child Psych quickly, it could be a number of things. Something in her diet, bi-polar, etc. write a log or journal everyday so you have documentation and or video tape her . Sometimes people who are not in the situation think its your fault, no discipline etc. Don't give up until you have someone explain to you or help you work with her. Two years old only turns into 10 with much more strength and stubborness! Please get more than one opinion or diagnosis. Good luck to you. I will keep you in my thoughts 

Name: ccanul | Date: Dec 18th, 2006 2:17 AM
I have a son who is 8 and was diagnosed with ADHD, Bipolar and Aspergers when he was 6. He would stay awake until 12 and would wake up at 6am. His new therapist made me realize that he was feeding off my yelling, and punishing him. So instead I learned to turn it all around. She gave me a book called Love and Logic. There is diffrent books for diffrent ages. My son would get so mad that he would throw things, and I was also scared to let him play with other kids. I had to give up my babysitting job because of it. The book tells you diffrent examples, and tells you things that you can say to your child. It works wonders. When my son would yell I would say yell a little louder the neighbors can't here you. When I first started I would not take my son anywhere, because he would get mad and throw fits for no reason. I started out by taking him to a store close by. I would tell him that if he was good that we would get and ice cream or even a candy bar. I would make sure that a friend of family member was close by so that if he got mad I could call them and say please come and get him. I would also make sure that he knew that I was going to treat myself to a nice candy bar. It took a couple of times but he learned that I meant what I said. This book is for all kids with or without disorders. 

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