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I have a 9yr old daughter whom has ADD. The problem is that her teacher has nothing positive to say about my baby. It is always something about squeaker(my daughter) not paying attention, talking or playing. I know my baby is not that bad. Squeaker is on the honor roll and a year advanced in her academics. I do not believe that meds are an option in our situation.
The teacher also emails squeakers step mom every day with reports. When my baby goes to her real dads for visitation she will get into trouble at their house even if something happend a week ago.(not fair to squeaker) I have tried to work with the teacher and it always ends up that I need to do something more. I take squeaker to school 20min. early so she can get ahead start on her work for the day and I have sat in her class to see what is going on and there is no disciple or consequences for the actions of the students (not just my baby). Yet after all I am willing to do it is still not enough. Squeaker has to deal with this on a daily bases and it is discourageing her from doing her best. HOW SHOULD I DEAL WITH THIS? If I confront her teacher then squeaker suffers the consiquences from both teacher and step mom. If I haver her moved to another class room then it will make her feel that it was her fault(which is not at all). WHAT DO I DO? PLEASE HELP!
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