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I have 2 boys aged 11 and 8. They both have adhd ther y are both on concerta. 11 year old is doing very well since being on it. But my 8 year old is not doing so well he is bad. At school he dose better but has trouble making friends cause hes a little over the top and the other kids just dont get him. He was bad yesterday afternoon. He came home from school and he was just geting on every bodys nerves doing silly things like hitting us on the bum and run around luaghing jumping on hes brother and today before school he got to me so much that i took him to school with out brekfast or doing hes shoes up. He got up he would just run around the screaming and yelling then whem hes brother was having hes breakfast he was acting like a dog and the more i told him to stop the more he did it. I dont know what to do they cant put hes tablets up because hes not puting on weight. what can i do.
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Name: jessica evans | Date: Jun 5th, 2010 4:17 PM
why dont you put him on the naughty step. or if he doesnt listen lock him in his room untill he says he will behave 

Name: Maz | Date: Jun 12th, 2010 7:16 PM
Rrrrrrrrrr Bless, You Cant Lock him up. He is a child not an animal, We have just found out our 14 yr old son has got ADHD & poss Brain Damage, Iv been going out my mind, We only found this all out on monday. 

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