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I am extremely tired. I have 7 kids, and my son is the oldest. He will be 5 in September. I knew having this many kids was going to be a challenge. However the kids are the problem, it's mainly my son. The other kids are very understanding for being so young. I still provide and care for them just the same just require a little more time with their brother.

He has recently started peeing on the floors in his bed and just found out today in the vents. Pretty much cause he was caught.

Then the past few days, almost a week now, he has been climbing on the stove, getting into cabinets and sneaking food and electronics to his room. The food is from the trash, the electronics are blenders and bottle warmers, and climbing on the stove to get whatever he can get ahold of. I have moved meds and locked more things up but he always finds them and somehow figures out the locks. Child locks do not work for my son, he is too smart for them. He has burned himself on the stove and he still goes back and does it again. We have tried to make him clean his room and he loves it. It doesn't seem like a punishment at all. We have tried the reward system and that only worked for a day. We have been calm about a lot but we have put a lot of money into locks and trying to protect our son.

He has been on a kick of getting a hold of meds. Any meds he can get a hold of. It is homeopathic meds but still he takes so much we don't know how much he takes. I fear he is going to get all my kids taken away from us due to his actions. He drank a whole bottle of cough medicine, had i dont know how many melatonin, and then we bought attend to try for him. Which he managed to get into and take plus pull the capsules apart, so we don't know how much he took of that. He wasn't able to get into my prenatals, thank goodness, but he tried.

I find after i have done dishes, he will take knives to his room and hide them under his pillow. He has recently started to cut up veggies that he didn't get into before. We lock stuff up and he finds something else to get into. He ate an onion the other day, cause according to him he wanted to.

He has started to lie a lot more. At walmart today him and his sister were fighting loudly that mommy pushed sissy. Sissy said no, you pushed me. Approximately 2 weeks ago he pushed his sister down on a toy and she has a black eye still from it. When i ran up the stairs to find out why my daughter was crying he was begging her not to tell mommy/daddy. I have sent him to his room and time out doesn't work. He comes out or walks away from the wall. He finds this to be a game. We don't talk to him and keep putting him back but he never completely finishes cause it always takes all day.

When he knows he is going to go to time out or his room, he will run, usually upstairs and hide under a bed. He will refuse to come out so we have remove the mattress and try to pull him out. He fights the whole time so he gets bruises from the frame.

He is going to be going to school this week and last year the teacher turned us in to dfs. He has trouble talking so he has to take a special class anyway, but i am scared that my son will cause me to loose my girls. Does anyone know any tricks or have any advice to help both my husband and I? We are almost to the point where we are going to take him to the hospital for his own safety. We feel like failures as parents cause we aren't for sure what else we can do. I fear for his safety, why does my son choose to do these things, or can he even help it? Cause it most days feels like its all a big game to him. One of these days he is going to get hurt badly.

Please help
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