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Im sad because I had to grow up in a family with my older brother who suffers from either ADHD or asperger syndrome.It was never properly delt with.It isnt on the other siblings. I look back on my childhood years and most of it consisted of arguments and misery. My mother really struggled and there should be more benfits avaible for parents to support children with special needs. As he has got older he has improved but he still causes tension. Its not only the person with ADHD or asber syndrome who is in need its the whole family !!
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Name: laura | Date: Aug 13th, 2011 3:06 AM
I completely agree. We have a son with adhd and he acts out so bad that all of the other kids suffer. We make special trips to do things one on one with the other kids so that they can still feel like they are getting some attention. They don't seem to get a lot since there are so many, cause we have 7 in total. But we do split our time up so that they don't feel completely left out. And if we go to do something fun we typically have to make our son sit with us so that they girls can have fun cause he has done something to get into trouble. I have been looking for programs so that the girls can feel more involved and not like they are on the outside or being pushed to the side. 

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