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I have an 8yo girl who has an unofficial diagnosis of adhd. we're on our second school which is much more supportive of children than the last one, but despite what i thought was a positive report it was yet another disasterous teacher interview. You think i would be used to it by now, but i have spent the rest of the day in tears. Im not sure why, its nothing new really. no focus, disruptive, attention seeking, emotional and in need of therapy! I have an appointment booked with a paediatrician, i guess it looks like we'll have to make it official now. Gutted. Am worried about the implications of having an official diagnosis on record. Any advice would be welcome.
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Name: Walker | Date: Jul 6th, 2011 11:06 PM
We have the same trouble. I am on this site because I am the only one who seems to think our son has a problem. It seems the school is afraid to say and his mother just makes excuses every time he gets in trouble. It's always someone or something elses fault. I don't know what to do. 

Name: Walker | Date: Jul 7th, 2011 12:15 AM
My son alos "undiagnosed" officialy, actually I am afraid to even suggest it to his mother. He constatly has trouble in school and his behavior is just out of control. He is only 6. Any suggestions on how I can approach the subject? 

Name: Kaycee | Date: Jul 24th, 2011 4:02 AM
For all three of you posting: YOU must be your kid's advocate! You have serious concerns with your children, now is not the time for denial or sidestepping the issue with a spouse. This is a child, the most precious of all that we will ever encounter. For Anne, there is no shame in an official diagnosis, there is help for you in it. My daughter gets a whole list of help in school, such as the teacher has a plan of action when she is not paying attention. I get to have a second set of textbooks at home, as the ones at school never come home with the homework papers. I myself hated school. Now I started medication in my thirties and I am in college and love it. I get extra test time, I get a distraction free testing place, I can record lectures. The days of losing concentration because everyone else is so much faster at tests are over. I can concentrate on that actual test, yes! I'm not stupid, I just need help! Your child won't be "labeled", your child will get accommodations to help her. These accommodations relieve stress in your child's day, thus helping to relieve your stress. These kids are smart, very smart. An official diagnosis is just one of many tools needed to help them to reach their full potential. 

Name: Lora | Date: Aug 29th, 2011 12:51 AM
Well said! A diagnosis allows the school to put tools in place to help your child. don't be afraid of medications. Work as a team to find the right medication and the right dosage. It can and often will make a world of difference in the education of your child. They will be able to learn and will not suffer from a poor self esteem because they are always in trouble. This isn't an easy step but you can do it for them. Good luck! 

Name: Concerned Mother at large | Date: Sep 12th, 2011 5:52 PM
My son is 10yrs and his school came to me when he was in kindergarten. They said they had experts come in and watch him to see if he has the symptoms..they never mentioned anything to me about this until after they were thru doing the research on him. This made me furious. I finally gave in and put him on medication his doctor recommended. Now at age 10 he is experiencing some very real side-effects that are just not acceptable. If you are just starting out in this process I highly recommend you look in to other ways of treating other then the stimulate treatments the doctors all want to use. I was dumb in the beginning and my son has paid the price. I took him off the medication and am now seeking chiropractic care as a non-medication alternative. I know people that have sever ADD/ADHD and this treatment has done wonders- with out using medications that the medical community has no real research on or what the long term risks or effects really are. I strongly recommend you look in to all forms of treatment before you resort to giving her ADD/ADHD drugs that the medical doc recommends. I was in full support of the meds at first but I now know the damage they can cause and it is just not worth it. 

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