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just wandered if this is an adhd thing and at what age do they out grow this
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Name: taybry | Date: Nov 9th, 2006 12:25 PM
I don't believe so, Mine has never had an issue at all with that., How old is yours?. There are techniques you can apply to help with that if he/she is ready and able. 

Name: momOFthree | Date: Nov 10th, 2006 12:42 PM
My child started bed wetting and having "accidents" right before she started kindergarten. Took her to the doctor and had her tested (ever try to get a 4 year old to pee in a cup?) many times for many things to rule out medical problems, and once she started school she was fine. She still has an occasional accident, but I think, YES, it is because of her ADHD & medicene, because she gets very invovled in things now and "Forgets" to go. I just have to remind her, even if she doesn't FEEL like she has to go, she usually does when I take her ("Mommy know best" is what we say). She has had one accident at school, I just asked the teacher to TELL her to go rather than ASK her to go, and that has worked.
Are there any other issues your child is dealing with? New school, move to a new house, etc.? 

Name: barb29 | Date: Nov 10th, 2006 6:50 PM
my son has adhd and he"s 12 and still wets the bed.his doctor said it goes along with adhd. 

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