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My husband and I are the proud parents of five adopted children. Each child comes from a different country, and were orphaned at young ages. Recently, i have been hearing a lot of comments when we are at the park or out for the day, that are not so nice. People are making fun of the fact that are children are of different races and don't seem to "match". I love my children dearly, and they are all a part of me and each other, no matter what they look like. I just feel so upset that this is happening, i don't know how to help the kids through it. Any ideas?
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Name: Michele | Date: Jul 6th, 2005 5:24 PM
Everyone is going to have their own opions. It is sad that people are like this. All you need to know if that you give your family the love and care that they need. If these are adults saying these things, then shame on them! It these are kids talking, then remind you children that kids somtimes don't understand things like a multi racial family if they don't see that very often. Kids do say mean things when they don't understand. Your children know you love them and that's all that matters. Good luck! 

Name: bigdaddy | Date: Sep 19th, 2005 11:47 PM
"My husband and I were looking for a way to bring some understanding between various cultures of the world--especially ours!"
"Heterogeneity breeds strength."
“I know--it’s awful. We didn’t even know they were different until my husband and I were diagnosed as being colorblind (BOTH of us—what were the chances of THAT?) Anyway, we tried to exchange them, but now they tell us that they are legally ours forever.”
"Oh I don't know, we were so bored staring at the bland colors in our living room."
"The good thing is, we always have a translator with us when we travel."
"We wanted them all to be the same, but god told us to get over it and stop being racists" (or prejudiced, or bigots, or whatever....)
"Oh yes, we have our own little United Nations. Say, you know? We’ve been looking for someone to fill one more seat on the Peace and Understanding Subcommittee. Won't you become a member?"
"When they cut the foreign language program in the schools, we just needed a way to assure that our kids got a decent education. So we chose our kids in order that they teach each other their first languages."
"Thank goodness they are more alike than like you" (have a few margaritas before you try this one—and have a baseball bat handy).

Invite your trusted friends over for a party and come up with more one-liners. I've found that they will give you all a big boost even if you can never actually say them to anyone in public. If you can lighten up, I’ll bet they will, too. 

Name: bigdaddy | Date: Feb 18th, 2006 11:46 PM
"Yeah, well, talk to my husband. HE's the one who keeps on with this business about god creating everyone in his image; all men being created equal, e pluribus unum, we are all equal in god's eyes, yada yada yada. I don't know where he picked all that up, but I am resigned to make the best of it" [[big sigh followed by a wink to the kids, a family group hug, smooches for all five (and your man) and then a trip to the frozen yogurt place]]

You know? I think this is why oppressed people invented voodoo effigies. It would be soooooo satisfying to stick pins in these awful people. 

Name: bigdaddy | Date: Feb 18th, 2006 11:53 PM
"It was a huge mismatch sale--we got a real bargain--we thought about returning them but just look at them--they're sooooo precious!!!!"

And you know what? They ARE!

And try not to be too sadmommy. Your kids will learn what real compassion is and do some good for those less fortunate than themselves. What a wonderful thing. 

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