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Looking for a loving couple to give a precious gift! I am a white 18 year old woman with brown hair and green-blue eyes living in Michigan (north of Detroit about 15-20 minutes). I am certainly not ready to raise a child but I am willing to help out a couple that is! I am interested in a TS or GS (Traditional or Gestational Surrogacy) in which the IPs (Intended Parents; YOU!) are willing to be VERY involved. Willing to travel to Illinois after June of 2013 but until then I am not leaving Michigan and will only work with couples who are willing to travel here (sorry!). All medical expenses would need to be paid by insurance and the IPs but as for compensation I am not looking for as much as many surrogates. This, however, is a factor that would be settled upon in a face-to-face meeting with the IPs. Please only contact me if you are serious as I am completely serious!! (Living in Michigan causes legal conflict in reguards to my age and the issue of compensation, please keep this in mind as working with me will require a lot of trust on both sides, hence the need for only serious inquiries!) Gay couples also welcome.

Email me at my side account, [email protected], (avoiding spam users) until I reply to you, then we can talk about what will happen next!
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