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While, unfortunately, I'm too young to surrogate now (I don't turn 18 until February) I would like to begin to get to know some people looking to have a surrogate sometime next year. I would like to be very close to the intended parents, and since I would like to carry as soon as possible, I want to start talking to IP now. I am looking to create a large family, with my family and the one I help you create seeing each other several times a year. I would like for our children to grow up together.

My name is Katrina, and I'm a mother to a beautiful 8 month old daughter. I know teen mothers get a bad reputation, but please don't dismiss me. Jayden's father is the only person I have ever had any form of sexual contact with, and we are both free of any sexual diseases. I have never tried any drugs or tobacco, and I never drink. I have never had any health issues save for slightly heightened blood pressure at the very end of my pregnancy, but it was most likely caused by my age and was nothing to be alarmed about. I live in Arizona with my mother, but will be moving to Austin next May. I currently work at the daycare my daughter attends. I attend an online school so I can stay home with Jayden, and I should be graduating in December. I plan on attending beauty school in Austin. I am 5'9", 150 pounds (although I am still working on baby weight. Pre-pregnancy I was 130, and will hopefully lose the rest of the weight by the new year) and naturally a blonde. I just dyed my hair red, however :D

I loved being pregnant. I am not in the position in my life where I could have another kid, but I would love to experience pregnancy and labor again soon. I have chosen to look for gay couples to surro for because of how difficult it is to adopt a child for gay couples. I am open to carrying a baby for a straight couple or a single person, but I feel like giving a baby to a gay couple is what I'm compelled to do.

Health wise, my family is completely healthy save for my great-grandma and her siblings, who have all struggles with obesity and diabetes. As far as background goes, I live with my mother and my three half-sisters. My mother and my adoptive father divorced last year. I have never met my biological father. I am not close to my mother or my two younger sisters, but my 15 year old sister is one of my best friends. I am also very close to my grandma and my aunt (and I have 6 others who I love to!). Family is very important to us, and we meet up very often.

I am only willing to be a gestational surrogate. I will not use my own eggs. It would then be my child and my children will not be raised by anyone but me :)

I hope that I can find the right family to surro for.
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Name: Joseph | Date: Mar 23rd, 2010 10:15 PM
Hello, we were wondering if you are still looking, could you contact me by e-mail.

[email protected] 

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