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Hey there I really need some advice ive recentky found out im pregnant with my partner who I havnt been with long only four months I was on the pop pill when I concived and this is my first ever pregnancy. Im only 21 and my partners 28 and already has a one year old from his previous relationship, as soon as I found out I was pregnant I was overwhelmed so knew I wanted to keep it and have a healthy baby. But im struggling with him already having a baby and how selfish I feel I nearly spoke with him the other night I told him about my concerns for the future with how hes going to ballance us and how his ex is going to react as she doesnt know and im very aware this isnt an ideal situation Im just so sad and dissapointed with myself right now. I hate that he has to speak to her as she is so negative to him and there baby always seems to be ill so shes always contacting him and I try help as much as I can but it honestly and shamefully is killing me I cant stand that I have to be away from him in this new possition im in being pregnant. I dont get all of him and now im pregnant and I need him ive realsied im never going to have him completly and its tearing me apart because this is going to be it I love him andI try keep telling mmyself why I live being with him n all the fantastic things about hin and our relationship but this new realisation that all never have all of him and ill always come second and I wont be giving him his first love or first child is ripping my insides please help if you can im at such a loss its unbearable
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