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Hi, I apologise for the lengthy note but I am so lost.. I just think I should begin from the start?
I married a wonderful man with a son who lived with him full time. He's in the army so I left my job to move with him and also had a 'difficult' baby to him. While he worked I took over parenting duties to his son and our daughter and stayed at home. Rory (son) was 10yrs and was just OVER the top. He would tantrum like a 2yr old - never had any friends and exhibited a lot of emotionally immature behaviours for his age. I struggled with him a lot. I thought he was just a brat. After having 'Lola' my daughter and watching him throw chairs and knives at us I DEMANDED Warren to face this was not normal behaviour and to support me in testing him for something deeper. Long story short, after 1-2 years of fighting and testing Rory was diagnosed with ASD. Once learning this we took all advice and put in behavioural programs which has basically changed our lives for the better! In fact most people would never even guess there is an issue. If we keep to the structure everyone is happy. Rory even has friends at school.
My daughter Lola is 3.5yrs and we've had another girl who is now one. During their developmental testing it has become apparent that Lola is not really doing so well. Her speech is 18mths behind - and I am slowly realising many other areas are. I found myself saying all those cliche things, such as, "Well you know, she's always been quite aloof so it's hard to tell", or, "Well she's quite quirky like that"...
I just can't tell.. am I being over sensitive? or quite the opposite. Am I buriyng my head in the sand?? I've known speech was an issue since her first sounds but I just kept waiting to see what would happen. The rest I thought was fine. Till I had another child. Then the differences were all too apparent...
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Name: Karina Cadena | Date: Mar 6th, 2012 7:57 PM
Hello Everyone,
I am the mother of an almost 4 year old boy on the spectrum. We received the diagnosis 2 months before his 3rd birthday and it has changed our lives. He is on the very mild side, some may call him borderline. I would include the story but it is way too long. However, our story is on our website if you would like to see what things we were seeing before seeking a diagnosis. I hope it helps. I know what it feels like to reach out to anyone who might have a familiar story.


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