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Name: Kelly cowin
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I've wrote before on here, yesterday, no replies as yet as I know everyone's busy I'm pretty convinced my daughter has mild autism or asperges but been informed now they are getting rid of the word asperges in diagnosis an just using the term mild autism as same thing pretty much?? Any how they have said about my daughter possibly showing signs of mild autism, she is in a class now but falling behind, there helping best they can and sent off for lots of people for her to see to give her a proper diagnosis! Anyone on here with a child with mild autism? If so did they need a one to one? Mia is able to talk and explain and understand most tasks but its struggling with learning they have said? But she could write her name Mia at three? An potty training all ok, ok getting dressed though we now an then have issues at home with excitement and facial twitching an noises when we doit! It's social interaction she's struggling with the most she would rather be alone being a dog!? Any advice on my amazing girl be very appreciated! Kelly
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Name: Grandma Karen | Date: Jan 16th, 2013 3:13 PM
In my opinion mild autism exhists, as does severe autism. Mia is doing very well. She talks, understands, is potty trained, but has some social issues. Your daughter is amazing. I don't think she needs one on one instruction, but she needs to be in a class with her peers. I raised my severely autistic grandson until he was almost 12. He was in a special class with a teacher and aides. He did wonderful at school no matter how badly he was behaving at home. I could no longer provide a safe and sanitary environment for him and had to place him in a group home 2 months ago. I cannot put into words how painful his placement has been for me, but I had to do what was best for him. I'm sure that you will do your best for Mia. She needs a strong advocate. If you have any other questios, you can Email me at [email protected]
Grandma Karen 

Name: Kelly cowin | Date: Jan 16th, 2013 10:06 PM
Thank you Karen so relieved to hear back and I've emailed you! Think your amazing and that must of been the hardest decision in your life, but comes a time in some people's lives, however hard, that you have to suffer great pain in aid to help another! And he will be looked after and cared for brilliantly and will always have you, you have done this through love and it must of broke your heart, keep strong! X 

Name: Gilly11 | Date: Feb 10th, 2013 11:53 AM
Hi Kelly, I am new to this forum. My 2 year old foster son (who we are adopting and I am 62) has just been diagnosed with autism. I am hoping it is a milder version, but the Dr. said he is too your to know that. I feel your pain. Joey is a one on one child. We just put him into a Early Headstart Program (low income family) and he has been giving them some problems because he is one on one. They have 2 teachers and 8 kids in the class. Joey is a loner, does not play with toys, and is in constant trouble or running off. He has not attempt in speaking any more. By 10 months of age he was a normal baby, saying words really early, so we know he can speak. But they say their mind is so busy since Autism is actually a form of extreme intelligence. New studies show some kids outgrow it. I cannot diagnosis your child, but I do feel for you and what you are going through. Since she is in school, they will be able to help. My Dr. just told me (Laughingly) to get me some Xanax and hold on for the ride. It won't be over until it is over. Has her hearing been checked? Joey was born unable to hear, and has gone through a couple of surgeries. Has ear infections all the time, but the ENT said these babies just pull on their ears all the time. And sleeping is a problem for them because they have phobias of so many times. They dream of them. My child won't let me cut his hair, his fingernails, and just yesterday, elevators, plus many more. Keep in touch. I am new at this, so I will need lots of help. Judy 

Name: mtrader | Date: Mar 14th, 2013 4:51 AM
Hi Kelly,
I am new to this website and I am unsure if you are still on this chat but I wanted to offer some encouragement. My child has autism. He was diagnosed at 2. The diagnosis process can be a long ordeal but in the end it will help both you and Mia. With a diagnosis regardless of how mild it is , it will help her teachers in becoming more attentive to her special needs. I can tell you that you will need to advocate for her. You alone know her and her needs and will be able to communicate those best to the people that care for her. I hope this helps and would love to listen/give advice if you need it. [email protected] 

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