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Please help Occupational Therapy Assistant students in the Missouri health Professions Consortium by following th below link and completing a very short survey regarding your interest in a day/overnight camp for families of children with autism. Thank you!

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Name: Kathyxx772 | Date: Jul 18th, 2011 9:29 PM
I can't tell you weather or not to send your child to camp, because it is ultimately your decision. I can tell you that if it were my child, the answer would be 'no way.' My son is 11 and on the spectrum. He tends to go off by himself, and I know that there is no one person who will keep an eye on him constantly. He also has no fear, and will run into the water over his head (he can't swin). Also, there is so much molestation going on these days... I wouldn't trust anyone (Autistic children can be easy targets mostly because they will have a hard time explaining what has happened to them.) Don't want to discourage you but, if it's something you really need to do, you can always google the camp, and get references on every single worker. 

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