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So, my best friendsí birthday was approaching and I was at my witís end as to what to get her. I went on the Internet, to look for great ideas or in the hope that I come up with something different. I wanted something special of course, but something that was different.I know that there are many articles on the Internet. So, I decided to check the article database for unique gifts. I found a lot of gift baskets, and other general things, but nothing that really jumped at me, and blew me away. Then I came across this article, that said - Want a Cool Gift for Your Friends? Try a Song! And as I read this article, it made sense..why not gift her a personalized song. This song would be about our lives, and personal escapades..a couple of them were quite funny.
I was sooooo excited, that I immediately called My-Song.ca and got more information, and told them what I wantedÖit was sooo cool, and everything happened so quickly, and they were able to work with me and accommodate my request and getting it across within a week.

As expected, my best friend loved her personalized song. We have 2 copies, and we each keep one, (so I actually got the gift as well!) Seriously, though itís one AWESOME song, after all itís about two special people!
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Name: mimi12 | Date: Mar 28th, 2009 8:38 AM

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