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I just read your comment about how Farah is refusing to take the bottle and I was wondering how you were and if you were still going to go back to school? My son is six months now and he still won't take a bottle however he will take a cup of juice or water but not milk. I agree with your statement about not giving formula, I am not sure why anyone does, or why mothers give up on BF so easily, what would they have done 200 years ago! BTW did you hear about the yet another formula recall, poor babies having to drink that stuff.
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Name: Farah | Date: Sep 18th, 2006 5:19 PM
Hello! Well I'm not going to school because my financial aid was denied of course (I have bad luck lately). So I am staying at home with the baby, and luckily do not have to worry that much about her refusal of the bottle. I am taking an online child developmental class though, (the book was available at the college library to be photocopied or else I couldn't have done that either). I'm kinda glad about not taking all those classes right now. You see my bf's mom was going to watch the baby and but she's not suppose to pick up anything heavier than 10lbs. My baby is 12 weeks old and is 17lbs! So she's not able to pick her up in her carseat. She said once she's able to walk it'd be different. My bf was just talking yesterday about how we don't have enough money to pay the bills and I started crying cause I know he needs me to work but I just can't leave my baby! No matter how tired I get, or bored from being stuck in the chair for hours a day feeding her, I just can't leave her with anyone! So he said maybe I can try and sell stuff on e-bay or do a at home customer service type thing he's read about.
Even though we need extra money to help pay bills (like today for instance I need to ask my mom for a bit of money so I can buy some diaper cause we don't get paid until wed.) BUt there's so many cons against going to work. Babysitter, not having an extra car! (that's a biggie), baby not taking a bottle! (nother real biggie), and I have bad credit and my wages get attached so I'd work and have not only taxes taken out but about 25% more for the creditors. I know that's all my fault but it still makes it hard.
But I remain optimistic, or try to. I'm gonna take a few online classes this year to bring up my gpa, so that next year my financial aid will hopefully be approved and by then the baby will be walking and her grandma will be able to watch her. We just need to hang in there until then.
I needed to get that out sorry. And no I haven't heard about the newest formula recall. Which one was it? I still have all that similac that the hospital gave me. I save it just in case of an emergency (like if something happens to me). Plus I have a freezer full that hopefull I can get my baby use to or else I'll have to throw it away soon. I should try more. She might take a bottle if I tried more often, but who wants to bother when we have it already made and the perfect temperature with no clean up afterwards, lol. 

Name: firewife | Date: Sep 18th, 2006 10:41 PM
Christina so sorry to hear your aid got denied, I was never lucky enough to get aid either, when I lived at home my dad made to much then I got married my sophmore year, my hubby had cashed in a 401K to pay for the wedding, so that put us in the higher tax bracket so I was denied then too. I ended up taking a student loan and graduated last year but it sucks I am still paying on it and I'm not even using my degree. I can't believe your baby is 17 pounds, my 6 month old only weighs 14! He is very long and skinny. It doesn't bother me to much that he won't take a bottle because he's my excuse for not going back to work!My hubby doesn't mind though, as long I am happy, he's happy. And neither one of can see leaving our baby with anyone, not even family, no one can love him like I do. You should check on that formula, I believe it was similac this is what I found

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Abbott health care company is recalling hundreds of thousands of bottles of infant formula because they might not have enough vitamin C.

The recall is for approximately 100,000 32-ounce plastic bottles of Similac Alimentum Advance liquid formula and approximately 200,000 bottles of Similac Advance with Iron, Abbott spokeswoman Tracey Noe said Friday.

The bottles, distributed by Abbott's Ross Products division, are missing a layer of material that keeps air out of the bottle, Noe said. When oxygen enters the bottle, it causes the vitamin C to break down over time, she said.

If infants drink formula without enough vitamin C for two to four weeks, they could start exhibiting symptoms of vitamin C deficiency, which include irritability with generalized tenderness, the company said in a release. So far, Abbott has received no medical complaints.

The Similac Alimentum Advance has stock code 57512, lot number 401895V and use-by 1 May 2007 printed on the back of the bottle; the Similac Advance with Iron has stock code 55961, lot numbers 40177RH or 40172RH and use-by 1 November 2007. Some of the bottles may have been included in Similac Advance Hospital Discharge Kits -- stock code 58986 and lot number 41699D5 are printed on the back of the bear tag attached to the kit.

Abbott, formerly known as Abbott Laboratories, is based in suburban Chicago.

Consumers with questions can contact Abbott's Ross Products division at 800-624-3412. 

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