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My boyfriend and I are ready to get married and we cannot get rid of his ex. She cheated for years and now that he has moved on, she refuses to finish the divorce. We met a few months after their seperation at our reunion and it has been 18 months of hell since then. He is a wonderful man and we will stick together but the unfinished divorce is killing us. We cannot move on financially and buy a house which is essential for having a place his kids can run around outside. I live in an apartment in the city and I know they must get sick of not going outside. I love him and the kids but I am afraid she will hold us hostage forever. Does anyone know how to force the petitioner to finish a divorce? I would think that a judge would get upset that they petitioned for it and them kept postponing trial. There are no assets but she continues to get spousal support until this is finished, she is sucking him dry. We need help, he works constantly and it all goes to her as long as we cannot get her to court. Doesn't she have to go at some point? Are there any tricks to get her to go? We have considered moving and not paying another dime until she shows up to court..... has anyone tried that?
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