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I never thought this would happen to me, but suddenly I'm finding myself thinking that being a single parent without a man bitching at me all the time would be easier. My husband and I argue all the time, we use to never argue but now thats all we seem to do. He tells me that I dont do anything but sit on my ass all day...true I have a desk job but when I get off work I pick up our daughter, cook clean and get her ready for bed...all the lazy son of a bitch does is go to work from 2pm-11pm, He sleeps all morning! When I ask him to do something he whines about it. I'm to the point that I just dont think I love him anymore. Not after everything he has said to me. He always puts me down and calls me lazy when in all actuality he is. He wont even get up with her at night when she's hungry because "his job is harder and it requires more rest" doesnt this sound kind of childish? I mean I'm not wonder woman, I can't do everything all the time but at least I can try and it would be alot easier to do if I didnt have him around.
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