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Hey ladies my names jessica and my sons is damoney.he's 10months now and his father has been living a bad lifestyle so I left wen my son was 6months.his father ended up in jail 2months ago and is looking at a pretty long sentence.I have always worked my butt off n also am in school.I have no family around and choose not to have many friends. Times are getting really rough lately since his fathers been gone.who had helped with extra income. I am working 2 jobs along with school but I just started promoting for a website that pays you to post their link and have people click it. Its completely legit!ALL IT TAKES IS A CLICK! U can do it to!they pay you $25 just to sign up, then you are given your own link to copy and paste anywhere.you get paid $10 for every person!! So PLEASE DO THIS FOR ME AND MY SON!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!:)

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