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Ok so i miscarriage on december 3 ( thats when i started bleeding) and it lasted about 1 week and a half to about two weeks ... I started beeding again on jan 4 . Dosctor aaid its period ... Is that true?
When can i start again to have a baby??
Can i try right when i will stop bleeding or should i wait longer ??
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Name: XandirsMummy | Date: May 3rd, 2011 6:12 AM
The best way to go with this 1 is try when you feel you & your body are ready. Unless told otherwise by your doctor.

After my 1st misscarriage I started trying again as soon as my 1st period was done, I didn't get pregnant for 9 months tho.

Then after I misscarried that 1 I didn't try again as it caused the end of my relationship, then 5 months later I had 1 silly drunk nite & now I'm carrying a healthy baby boy.

Some times little accidents are the best :D

But yea just when you're physically & emotionally ready

Good luck xx 

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