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Heya !!
Funny enough i was just going through my online babycrowd journal !!!! it gave me the biggest smile, im glad i did it at the time.. im planning on printing them off and adding them to a little book of memories for izzy to read when shes older.

How are all your little ones ??? i cant believe its laready 2009 and i had izzy in 2007 !!!!

Izzys 18 months old, and shes walking and talking like no tomorrow !!! shes a picky little eater and im having a hard time getting vegetables into her lol

she looooves to ride her little 3 wheeler bike and play with her dollys.
Shes still sleeping in my bed which is fine by me lol

When we take izzy to the beach she shouts out " BATH BATH !!! "

And when she wants a drink she says " TEEEEET " hahahaha
When we take izzy to the park or the swimming pools she is just the "spectater " she is never interested in playing on the park or swimming in the pools, she spends her time just watching like an old soul lol. but seems to enjoy it.

Id love to hear from all the rest of you who went through pregnancy with me, you know who you are.... Gill , lauren.. denese, veronim.. etc.. :) tell me funny things about your bubba and what they enjoy doing lol.
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Name: Joeys_Mam | Date: Jan 30th, 2009 10:19 AM
Hey Rosey, I know! I can't believe it's 2009 and we had our babies in 2007! Where does the time go?

Brilliant to hear Izzy is doing so well, and from looking at her photos on Myspace, she's absolutely gorgeous and I can see you in her.

Joey is now 16-months-old and also doing really well. Walking, running, dancing, talking etc. He loves all foods except pasta, and he's a great wee sleeper and such a sociable toddler that I have no complaints about him; he wants to play with other children all the time, and has no issues leaving me and running over to other children or people he doesn't know for a little chat and a play. That said, he goes through clingy stages eg after a nap when he wants nothing more than to be cuddled. He says 'yum yum' when he's hungry and proceeds to try to eat everything he can get his hands on, begins to fake yawn when he's tired, says 'daddy' and 'mama', and 'tata' which means 'thank you' and he can say 'hi'. When he sees the dogs he says 'woof woof'. :) He also knows how to walk the dogs; he picks up the lead and will walk one of the dogs with me, which is so cute! He is also in the habit of hiding everything, especially remote controls; I'll find things which had 'gone missing' in the most extraordinary places like in the undercarriage of Joey's trike! He loves his trike and is learning how to peddle.

Anyway yeah! How is everyone? 

Name: disturbed angel | Date: Jan 30th, 2009 11:42 PM
Hey Cookie Tits.....Me wuvs you...... :)
How you doin girl?Daisy is almost 19 months old.Running and talking alot too.....SHe is totally in love with her "Poppy" (grandpa) and "Grammie" from evey waking moment to every sleeping moment shes asking for her Poppy.....sigh,I'll never be good enough.lol :)She still doesnt have enough hair to do anything with,I cant wait til I can do pigtails for her.She doesnt like her dollys but LOVES her pandas.lol.She still throws up alot cuz of her acid reflux and is barely 20 lb and small but a firecracker nontheless. :) the light of my life :) 

Name: disturbed angel | Date: Jan 30th, 2009 11:44 PM
oh yeah,Daisy just went thru a terrible stage where she waas throwing EVERYTHING away!!!! yikes,watch the trash can at all times! 

Name: ..RoSey.. | Date: Feb 2nd, 2009 6:27 AM
Gill = i have no damn idea where the time goes, soon i will be celebrating her 21st birthday.. it really freaks me out lol.

that is awesome you can see izzy in me !! i dont get told that very often lolz

Izzy LOVEEES pasta !!! she would eat it all day if she could. Aww joey sounds so cuteeee !! izzy says MEEEEOW when she sees 1 of the cats lol, sounds like you have a good little helper with walking the dogs :)

Sal = Sup yall cookie tits lover LOLOL
hahaha its funny how daisy went through the stage of throwing everything out, IZzy loves her " nana " my mum... always wakes up and asks for Nana, Poor little daisy and her reflux :( 

Name: mother2five | Date: Feb 2nd, 2009 4:00 PM
Wow how time flys!!!!!

It seems like she's doing wonderfully, and I did the same with my journal, I love looking back at it every now and again too.

Emilee is doing well, she just turned 25 months on the 27th, she's def. going through the terrible 2's. She has a stubborn mind of her own, but is the cutest thing alive to us all, she's going through this thing now where everytime she gets an owie she says.....tiss it mommy!!!! And instead of yeah it's neah. We are having a blast with her, and her hair looks like orphan annie...except brown, it's wild with curls, I put pretty bows and stuff in it though and it looks a little tamed. She actually is able to wear a tiny pony tail now as well, it's adorable.

It was nice to see ya on!!!! NO one ever come in anymore, including myself, I just happened to poke my head in! 

Name: GoldiLocks | Date: Feb 4th, 2009 4:22 AM

Name: NIKKIS | Date: Feb 5th, 2009 4:08 AM
Well since I'm on I'll update. Brooke will be 20 months old tomorrow. She of course walks, runs, and climbs on everything. She thinks she's a monkey or a gymnaist. She is a picky eater which blows, but I figure out creative ways to get her to eat healthy, like making smoothies. She is obsessed with baby dolls and shoes. She has a huge immagination and likes to put the babies night night or pretend feed them. She just started saying here ya go, thank you, and please. I am dreading starting to potty train her. She likes to make animal noises, her favorite being nay-nay for the horse. She has crazy hair but I don't make it all fro-fro cause it just doesn't ft her wild personality.

As for myself, I started going to college taking night classes, and I am loving it. I also started dating!!!! I am seeing one guy and he is wonderful!

Anyway good to hear from everyone, I know none of us get on all that much but we should institute monthly updates or something, I mean hell I've been coming on here for over 2 years so I don't want to stop talking to everyone! 

Name: Kyra | Date: Feb 6th, 2009 7:25 PM
How very random that I just 'happened' to check in on Babycrowd after almost two years and see names I recognize on the board!! Not sure if you remember me but I def. remember all of your names. I had my little girls Avalee (2 months preemie) in June 2007.

She's not a pip squeak anymore! Glad to hear that everyone else is still doing awesome.
I swear there must be some sort of common 2 year 'itch' for everyone to be back on this chat board!

No more babies for anyone yet? We're thinking about it. i think it was right around the time that Avalee started walking and getting into everything that I started wishing that she had a close-in-age sibling to keep her occupied so she wasn't constantly trying to eat the dog food! Her older sisters are less than a year apart and they always, still do, keep each other busy and in check!

Hopefully looking forward to being back on here 'legitimately' in the near future! Perhaps some of you will be too??!?! ;P 

Name: Randi | Date: Feb 7th, 2009 5:50 AM
Hey Rosey!
I haven't been on Babycrowd in forever, so I thought this was a perfect post to catch up on : )

Kaden will be 26 months on the 12th. He is talking like crazy and giving me some major attitude! He knows all of his colours and shapes and his favorite show is Handy Manny. He is obsessed with tools and always wants to "fix it"

Olivia is 10 months old, just got her first tooth a couple days ago and is not yet crawling. She is lazy but VERY demanding. She is still breastfeeding with no signs of stopping and still mostly in bed with us, although she is in her own room more and more. Her and Kaden are best friends : ) 

Name: veronim | Date: Feb 26th, 2009 1:13 AM
Oh my goodness, I just logged back on and saw this post. How funny I have not been on in so long! Well Bethany is 20 months now and is just wonderful. She is tall for her age - and is almost always off the top of the scale for her age group. She goes to daycare 2 days a week while I work part time and is just storming with her words. They have so much energy at this age don't they. She loves most food - but her favorite is Sushi, I cannot walk past a sushi bar without her wanting some. She loves pasta and broccoli - but will not eat carrot, full stop - keep trying to sneak it in - but she will not have it! She loves bananas though. I think she may have just started the terrible 2 phase as she has just started trying to hit Anthony and I and has started this annoying screaming sound when she does not get what she wants - but I think she is just testing boundaries. Anyway the reason I was logging on was because I just found out that we are expecting number 2. We are only 7 weeks along, so early days, but excited. We are going with a different OB this time as the last one was a a witch. And we are hoping for a Vbac - I think in the US they are called TOLAC. But just as long as our baby arrives safely. In the throws of morning sickness, but I know there is an end to it, and I am looking forward to my second trimester! 

Name: Kyra | Date: Mar 10th, 2009 5:44 PM
Hi Veronim, not sure if you remember me but no sooner had i re-visited the site a month ago and now we too are expecting again though this will be Number 4 for us -- phew, just thinking about that makes me nervous! We have three girls but thought we would try one more time for a boy. If its not a boy then I'm just going to open a ballet school in my livingroom or something else girlie and pink!
We're only 4 weeks so its still super early but I don't typoically have too many complications so hopefully all goes well. Nice to see some familiar names on here! its been a while! 

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