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Hello, so I have a serious problem. My boyfriend is in the marines, in NC, and im in NY. we have been dating for a few months now, and things were perfect in the beginning..i mean, he was wonderful. We were happy, never fought, he did everything for me and I fell in love with him. Pretty much right after we said "i love you" things changed. I mean, we still had our "perfect" moments...but a totally new side of him came out. Now, we get into frequent fights. He calls me stupid, he says "well if you didn't act stupid I wouldn't get pissed off. so who's fault is it that i'm pissed off? - yours. who's fault is it that you are crying? - yours. maybe if you learned then this wouldnt happen" and on and on and on. and the minute i try to say something, he says "stop arguing!! i hate when you argue everything i say! just shut the fuck up" and then when i DONT say anything, he says "so what? you are gona fuckin ignore me now?" .... then when it comes to sex and phone sex? if i say no, he gets so mad and starts saying "this is bullshit. you say you love me but u act like you dont fucking give a shit about me. you never do anything for me. you cant even do this for me right now and i really want to do it. why the fuck are you so selfish?" and we get into a huge fight and he always threatens me "i'm 2 seconds away from telling you to go fuck yourself and breaking up with you" .... but then a few days later he'll be talking about how he wants to marry me and i'm perfect for him. this is ridiculous. i know i should leave, but a part of me wants to make it better. have any of you gone through this? is there any way i could make it better and get through it? counseling? talking to him about it? anything?
I love him -- I just can't handle the things he says to me. He's also coming here this weekend and it's SO soon. and for us to be fighting right before (we got into a fight yesterday) is bad. He gets out of the marines for good in august and will coming to NY for good so I want to see if it will get better when he's actually here and we are together...but I want things to get better NOW!!.. HELPPPPP!!!! please.
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