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im not emaciated. i have not been diagnosed. i fit most of the criteria for anorexia and bulimia. after 9 years, i have almost completely washed my hands clean of purging. i am a freshman in college. i have lost 40 lbs since the end of my senior highschool year. my family asks me all the time if ive been eating. i lie to them. i feel terrible about it too. but there is only one way to answer that question. im afraid of things getting worse, but at the same time im afraid of recovering and gaining weight. i dont know what to do. im so afraid of hurting people that i dont want to tell them whats going on. i feel terribly alone and lost.
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Name: umm | Date: Feb 11th, 2006 3:19 PM
If you don't want to eat much but start to gain weight I know a little bit you can do, Alright, 1st protiene lots of protiene, eat protiene bars (some tast yuck but some are really good try alot of them and you'll find one you like, that is what I did) and chicken, or eggs, 2nd protiene shakes they are good and help energy as well as the bars, and that will help you out too 3rd milk shakes from Mc Donalds that helps (no lunch or dinner grab a protiene shake or one from Mcy D's 4th go to the gyms or I'd say that or a GMC store and ask for a bottle of protiene shake mix and you can do it at home (they are expencive but I gained from 72 to 92 in a heart beat I will say from Jan. to March (last year 05 not this year) 5th excercise and do alittle not alot and keep excercising that helps loose weight from what you eat yet you are healthy doing it, and work on the tummy and legs that is where most people that want to stay skinny work the most (I did) and well you get abs that look good and no one can say have you ate all they can say is wow you are looking good, those musles are very nice on you. (protiene is the #1 when working out too so there is another bar or shake there too before you begin your work out) I don't know what else to tell you. Hope this works all I can say is what helped me and I think that it can help you too if you do it rite, oh and banannas they are good too. Look if you don't eat supliment it with a protiene bar and a Mc Donalds milk shake (large,) and well if you do want to eat alittle, then go eat the md. fry and a large milk shake. And that if you don't want to eat much go for a bananna and a protiene shake or some thing like that use butter not greese, that makes fat too, like those light fluffy butters that helps fat too. E-mail me if you need any thing
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