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Im desperate, Im gonna do it either way so don't lecture I have no intrest in getting help...So anyways I used to be 120lbs and over the last 2yrs I gained 50lbs and it keeps going before this 120 was my highest until now, this is rediculous and I am totally disqusted with myself I cant keep myself from eating and cant get myself to the gym i've already been taking laxatives, but thats not long term, I've been trying to throw up, but nothing comes up am I just supposed to throw up a little or the same as when Im sick, and I saw lost5 reality they had something that enduces vomiting does anyone know what it is?? also how long should I wait to throw up after I eat? immedeatly? please help me!!
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Name: sonia | Date: Mar 2nd, 2006 6:38 AM
this will only make you fatter in the end 

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