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I have had 7 years with nothing and now I find myself slipping into old habbits. When I was 15 I started and didn't realize what I was doing was actually anorexia & bulimia. I stopped when I was 21 and I found out that I had done some serious damage to my heart and I needed to repair my esophogas. I lost a back tooth due to damage, my hair fell out. I got married had 2 kids and gained 120 pounds. Now All I can think of now is how I could "get rid of the fat" I find myself working out for hours on end while my family sleeps, and stuffing my face and standing over the toilet. I haven't binged yet but I am starting to have that as my only thought, of where and when and how I could hide it at work and from my family. I just need some support. Thanks
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Name: M | Date: Mar 21st, 2006 7:23 PM
Hey, huney, please don't slip back into old habits. You know how much you have gone through to get back to a normal life and to be hinest, you have one life, right. You may as well live it; look after your two kids, take care of them, they need support, and to look thin isn't the only thing in world that your life should revolve around. Try not to think about it anymore. After all, if you do become bullimic again, can you imagine how it would affect you, your husband's and your two kids life! And imagine if it got out of control, and there was nothing that could be done, and you died. Don't over stress yourself and don't overexercise. Just eat healthily and exercise healthily. Take a walk everyday.
Good luck huney, don't worry about it okay. Plz don't slip back into old habits. Plz
M xxxx 

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