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I started a couple of month's ago.. i cam on here stupidly asking for help on how to be anorexic because i wasn't happy with my body.. and thought it was just an easy way to be 'skinny'.

I started off where id only eat one meal a day and over excersize.. then suddenly id eat NOTHING and sometime's i'd have sparkling water so that id have enough energy to do all my excersizes.. i started losing weight real quick.. alot quicker than anyo9ne had told me i would.

Soon enough i was passing out dayly.. and had no energy so i started to eat one meal a day but id feel awful and throw it up..

This carried on for about a month or so.. until three days ago my mum caught me and threatened me by saying that shed take me to the doctors and i knew that id be sent to some ED place because they have records of certain things that have happened before. And from what id heard of them i did NOT want to go to one of those places.

So recently ive been eating a bit better but still doing alot of excersizing and funily enough i feel better.. i still feel like i need to throw up alot and sometimes ill race to the toilet to do so.. but ill just break down in tears at the top of the stairs..

Ive had an easy way out.. alot easier than most people.. if you want to talk to me for help / support email me on

[email protected]

Just remeber that NOTHING is worth having an ED over.. death is the obnly thing that will come from it

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