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i'm not here to ask for help but rather to offer some. I resently got myself some help as i was suffering from Bulima. I'm not on the long road to recovery and would love every other person who is having the same trouble as me to be able to have someone whos been there and done that to talk to like i did. To give you a bit of an idea what I've been through I'll give you an overview, when i was 13 me and my mum had such a good relationship she was my best friend, but somewhere between me falling for a 16 year-old and her realizing I was growing up, we lost that. She acted as if I wasn't good enough to be her daughter anymore. I didn't see this as a result of my actions but rather as a result of what I looked like and who I was. To start with I tryed to change who I was and when that didn't help I tryed to change what I looked like. When I started purging it was an irregular thing like after I'd eaten pizza or ice-cream but after a while when I looked in a mirror all I saw was this big fat thing that was me. So the purging became more regular, after almost every meal. At 14 I weighed about 50kgs and thats resonalably normal, maybe alittle under but its when clothes that didn't fit me when I was 12 started fitting agian I relized i had to stop and do something. I found someone that had been there and done that and confided in them, it wasn't so much for me to hear what they had to say about it but rather just to know that someone was listening. so if you'd like to know that someone is listening either leave me a message on this forum or email me at [email protected] and i promise to get back to you. It might be a long road to recovery and you may never feel like your the same person agian, but have you ever thought that maybe thanks to your experiances you may be BETTER?
luv and luck to you all,
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Name: anna987 | Date: Sep 25th, 2006 1:08 AM
I feel so out of control- what I eat and how I look in clothes is ruling my life. How did you get over bulimia? 

Name: .x.kate.x. | Date: Sep 25th, 2006 12:58 PM
I started by eating a small amount and instead of purging I'd make myself busy by doing something else- try reading a book/mag or writing a poem or ringing a friend and talking to them, not about the bulimia but just about whatevers going on at the time- I'd reconmend that you shouldn't go walking or running to keep your mind off it because it can be just as bad.
Sure it took a really long time before I could even eat that small meal and not even try to throw it up but after I could, I would increase the amount slowly ( dont push it too far too fast!!).

I wish all the best, and if you need anyone to talk to about it, you'll always find me here.

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