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I cry for help! Lately, I has been living in hell! My 13 yeard old daughter started to hurting herself like a year ago after a friend told her that this relieves pain. She has been hospitalized for 3 days after she attempted suicide at the beginning of the school year. She has been in therapy since then, and last weekend she attempted again taking 6 pills of mine for loosing weight. Due to this last incident and the way she has been crying and acting lately I took the decision to give her antidepressant. She started taking Prozac 4 days ago, but yesterday she was crying at school and I went to pick her up, after that she got angry and mad because she wanted me to buy a iPhone 4s, or to put text back in her phone, and honestly I can't do it now, I am a single mom, and I trying everything posible and reasonable to make her happy, but it seems that nothing is enough. My older daughter confessed yesterday that she doesn't know anymore how to talk to her, what to say or what not, how to react, this is too mucho for me, I can't take this anymore! and this is exactly how I feel. Please help me let me know what to do! She is 13 and she is asking for freedom, permission to go whatever she wants with her friends, and she doesn't want to accepts the options I gave her, and I soon as I said "no" or I say "ok but I will go just to meet the mother or parents" in case she go to a friend house, she turns to another totally person, angry and mad, isolate herself, and started chating with her friends telling bad thing about me. I have been leaving like this for the last year, and this is getting worse eventhough I tried my best to content her, buying clothes, now we are even finally move to a better apartment, getting for her pets, talking in a nice voice and understand her point, everything possible I have done, but I got to the point that I am at the end. PLEASE HELP!!!
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Name: babgir | Date: Aug 23rd, 2012 7:00 PM
where do you guess live? if u live near me i can maybe meet her and talk to her...im a 16 year old that had a very rough life ive been bullyed and i tryed to get rid of the pain by hurting my self but i never told anyone i use to try to cut my wrist to watch the blood run out of my arm but then i met one person that changed my world and im not talkin about a boy that i loved or a friend im talking about a baby that i use to hate.....my baby brother......i hated him till i herd someone call him retarted only because hes autisic and now everytime some one makes fun of me i go and either look for him or look for a pic of him and it makes me happy and when ever one of my friends get picked on i tell them to come over and talk and as soon as they see my brother there mood changes if u want u can have her hit me up on facebook or text me they are the only two ways to talk to me lol i get on here some times but not very much soooo if you want message me back at babgi[email protected] and ill give u my name or number to talk to me 

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